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Thor Halvorssen is One of the Most Accomplished Human Rights Activists in the World

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza was born on March 9, 1976. The tireless Venezuelan human rights activist is better known as Thor Halvorssen. For Thor Halvorssen, the struggle for human rights and justice is a very personal business. Unlike many of today’s human rights activists, Thor Halvorssen and his family have personally experienced the abuse that was inflicted upon innocent people by authoritarian regimes.

In Venezuela, Thor’s father was unjustly arrested and tortured for investigating government corruption. He spent 74 days in jail before Thor got him released with the help of Amnesty International. After that, Thor Halvorssen’s mother was wounded by gunshots while she was peacefully protesting against the abuses of Hugo Chavez in 2004.

Thor Halvorssen founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in 1999. This U.S. based civil liberties group associated with other organizations such as the Heritage Foundation to promote the right of free speech click here. Thor Halvorssen believes in free for everyone regardless of their political beliefs. Thor has vigorously defended the speech rights of people from both left and right side of the political arena.

Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. The HRF established its headquarters in New York City. The HRF works to free political prisoners around the world. The HRF is guided by the principles of fighting for freedom from tyranny and promoting freedom of self-determination. His website, Thor’s work with the HRF has gained freedom for seven political prisoners who were unjustly incarcerated in prisons around the world.

In addition to his other work, Thor Halvorssen is also a talented movie producer. Thor understands that film is a powerful medium that can be used to raise public awareness of the many human rights violations that are still taking place in the world. In his film about the Dominican Republic, The Sugar Babies, Thor spotlights the human trafficking and abuse of migrant workers that takes place in that country. Thor Halvorssen continues to use every means at his disposal to fight for the oppressed and powerless people around the world.

Thor Halvorssen’s Recipe For Human Rights Violations

I think everyone is united against something as heinous as human rights violations. There is unity in our collective disdain for the abuse of people, especially disadvantaged or vulnerable populations. But how do you stop human rights violations? Do you attack the government responsible with weapons?

Thor Halvorssen, the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation, thinks you stop human rights abuses by suffocating the environment where these abuses thrive.

According to Halvorsse, human rights abuses occur under the rule of an authoritarian unilateral dictator. The human rights advocate argues that human rights violations stem from a government with no transparency. Of course, a lack of transparency comes along with the oppression of the free press by the government.

The human rights advocate continues to explain that a government with no checks and balances breeds human rights violations. Only a unilateral power, capable of taking action without council, can give the order to abuse human rights. The final ingredient for an environment freindly to human rights violations, according to Thor Halvorssen, is no separation of powers within the government. All of the decision-making power is left in the hands of one individual or one small group of people.

So Thor Halvorssen fights a war of ideas. Take his latest attack on North Korea. He traveled to a border town in South Korea to sail balloons over the border into the People’s Republic. The balloons came with gifts, including entertainment videos, cash, and information pamphlets.

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is banking on the fact that education can help to set the people of North Korea free. At the very least, Kim Jong Un’s own people will see him in a different light. It is the first step in helping the people of that country to change their own government. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

That’s exactly how Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation is fighting human rights violations — with education. Halvorssen has been brilliant at shining a light on his new projects throughout the years by using popular culture. His open letters and viral content not only spread new ideas to oppressed places, they shine a light on the criminal acts of dictators around the world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

You know he’s on the right track because of the threats he’s received. He’s even received a direct threat from the dictator of North Korea personally. Hopefully, his education helps eradicate the prerequisites for authoritarian rule.