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Swimwear and Fabletics

It has been reported in Elite Daily that actress Kate Hudson’s fitness brand Fabletics will be launching a swimwear collection. As of April 12th customers will be able to show off their new swimwear on the beaches and in pools. Hudson admits that summer is her favorite season. This gave her much excitement to be able to launch not just swimwear but also a new dress collection. Not only are the suites stylish and sexy but more importantly they are geared for comfort.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics, had been designed as a competitor for other brands such as Nike and Lululemon. Mostly a digital service consumers of these fashions are able to join a type of clothing buying membership. A newcomer to this is able to buy an entire outfit consisting of either a top and bottom or sweatshirt-bra and shorts combination for only $25.00. After the first purchase the consumer is billed $50.00 a month for the outfit of their choice. Consumers are also given the option to skip that month.

Obviously the customer cant exactly be Kate Hudson but they surely can dress like her. Offering styles for every type of body shape there is a whole world of fashion created by the actress. Convenience of shopping online is just one of the luxuries of Fabletics – you can get more:

Many different colors and patterns are offered while comfort stays at the top of the list. In addition to the outfits that are able to be chosen Kate Hudson also shows her customers her favorite outfits each and every month. This may help those that are not exactly sure what they are looking for.

How this works is once logged on a quiz is taken. This will help Fabletics to create a personalized recommendation for that particular user. Once this is done thousands of styles will show for that person to browse through. Afterwards the final process is to check out. The growing clothing company gives their customers the option to either check out as a guest or a VIP member. Sweet and simple, Fabletics helps to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for their customers.