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How a Student is Dealing With Wikipedia’s Gender Imbalance

Wikipedia has now been in existence for more than 15 years. It is shocking that men dominates its more than 27 million editors. Actually, men represents over 90% of Wikipedia’s registered editors. That is the realization of Emily Temple-Wood, who is a student at Loyola University, Chicago studying biology. 

Emily Temple-Wood, who is now 21, has been a Wikipedia editor and writer ever since she was 12. She has been receiving abusive messages some sexist and sexually inappropriate since that time. She used to ignore them but in 2012, she had an idea. For every inappropriate message that is targeted on her, she adds an article about a female scientist to the site. She has been doing this since 2012 and she has been able to promote the recognition of women on Wikipedia. She has made some scientists from 18th Century who were not known by Wikipedia users to be known. The idea is called WikiProject Women Scientists now with a Wikipedia page of its own.

The Benefits of Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia business page creation is a great idea to promote your business or your own online reputation. This is only when used in the right way as it can also prove detrimental to your business or online reputation. It is important to know how to make a Wikipedia page properly to be beneficial to you. You can easily edit or update Wiki pages to have the information that you want people to have about yourself or your business.

There are lots of people visiting the Wikipedia site every day. Wikipedia always appears among the first five search engine results. This means that many people are able to visit your page and get the information in it. This can ultimately translate into increased sales and then revenues. This means that your Wikipedia business page enjoys an automatic SEO at no cost.

Why Hire Wikipedia Writers

Wikipedia is a powerful marketing tool for your business. It is an open source meaning that everyone can edit the contents. There are so many requirements before your page is approved and is made available in the site. For instance, you need to support it with reliable sources as the references, format it properly and follow the site’s manual of style when writing. You need to hire Wikipedia editors such as those from the Wiki editing service Get Your Wiki to do all this for you. 

When you hire Wiki experts from Get Your Wiki, you are ensuring that those your employ are experienced and will make sure that your page is approved. Their monitor all edits using a Wikipedia monitoring service meaning that no malicious edits are made as they will update a Wiki page to reflect relevant information as it comes up. They can translate your page to several languages to reach more people.