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Herbalife Joins Jonathan Dos Santos On The Pitch

Ahead of flying off to Russia to train with his national team (Mexico) ahead of the 2018 World Cup Finals, both Herbalife Nutrition, the globally traded nutrition company announced it’s sponsorship of Jonathan dos Santos, to a multi-year sponsorship deal through the 2021 MLS (Major League Soccer) Season. Jonathan dos Santos, along with his brother Giovani, presently ply their trade for the LA Galaxy as well as the Mexican national team.


Herbalife Nutrition’s CEO, Rich Goudis will certainly not be missing out on the World Cup Finals this year following the United States’ national team failed attempt to qualify through the CONCACAF runup now that the company has its star representing them.


“We’re thrilled to be Jonathan’s exclusive sports performance nutrition partner. His commitment to nutrition, fitness and the community is an embodiment of our purpose to making the world healthier and happier,” said Goudis in the announcement of the partnership.


For his part, de Santos will be given access to the full line of the Company’s Herbalife24® line of sports performance products, which are NSF Certified for Sport® and designed to enhance the performance of both the amateur and professional athlete alike.


This is not simply opportunism on the part of either the player or Herbalife, dos Santos through his training with the LA Galaxy has been using the company’s Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength both pre and post daily workout and worked with the company’s Nutrition Team to produce a video showing users how to create his favorite shake the “Banana Sunrise” which can be seen here.


“As an athlete, I understand the importance of balanced nutrition, and I am excited to work with Herbalife Nutrition and its nutrition and sports experts to develop a personalized plan to make sure I achieve the proper nutrition and hydration needed to compete and win,” said Jonathan dos Santos. The player began his life early and showed early promise enough to be invited by Barcelona FC to attend its famed La Mesia youth academy with has produced such superstars as Argenina’s Lionel Messi and Spain’s Andres Iniesta attending at the same time as dos Santos.


Herbalife Nutrition jumped on the scene in 1980 with a mission to educate and sell its nutritional products and programs with the help of its massive force of Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors. Those distributors sell these weight management, energy, fitness and nutrition products in nearly 100 countries today with sales of roughly 4.5 billion annually.