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Waiakea Water is Different…Wonderfully Different

Is there a difference between the various brands of bottled water that you can choose from in your local grocery store or all they all at the core the same. You may be tempted to think that they are all pretty much the same, after all, what really can be unique about water, right? The truth is that yes for the most part water is water, but there are some ways that certain brands are able to stand apart from the pack, and without a doubt, the one name that comes to mind also happens to be the fastest growing brand of bottled water in North America, Waiakea Water. The quirky water company with the funny name from Hawaii has been busy taking the bottled water industry by storm. Everyone is talking about Waiakea and for good reason.

A Really Different Kind of Water

While other water brands claim to have a special secret formula or some fancy scientific filtration system that no one can understand Waiakea lets everyone know exactly how their water is produced. It starts as the gentle tropical rains that fall on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific. It makes its way down deep natural aquifers under ancient active volcanoes and then it is drawn out and pumped up through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock to the surface where it is carefully bottled with attention to the highest standards possible by people who actually care about what they are making and who will be drinking it. The unique and all natural filtration method really does create a decidedly different water than you will get from anywhere else.

In addition to the pure, clean taste, Hawaii volcanic water has for centuries been believed to be the source of the Hawaiian people long life and exceptional health. Some think it has to do with the natural minerals and vitamins that the water picks up as it passes through the ancient volcanic rock. One thing is for sure, Waiakea Water pH. Is perfectly suited to the body’s digestive system, and the elements that are contained in the water are known to promote better health and vitality. Does this mean there are volcanic water benefits that other brands don’t have? The only way to find out is to try Waiakea Water for yourself and see if you don’t feel better.

A Really Different Kind of Bottle

Another way that Waiakea Water is different is the bottle that they use. Waiakea is now the first and currently only brand of bottled water to use a next-generation plastic bottle featuring TimePlast® Nano-Degredation™ material. This bottle has the ability to break down fully in less than 15 years in a landfill and leave no non-natural elements behind. It is also fully recyclable at most standard facili ties. This is just one way that Waiakea Water is striving to keep the planet safe and beautiful.

Waiakea Water is a different kind of bottled water, but not because there is anything super secret or ultra scientific about it. It’s not better because they have a celebrity spokesperson, or they have the hottest reality or viral internet star drinking it. They don’t need to sponsor major sporting events, or be seen in the hands of a pro athlete in the locker room. Waiakea Water is different because of where it comes from and who makes it; a land of purity and beauty, and people who actually care.

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