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Austin’s Female Plastic Surgeon; Dr. Jennifer Walden

Brought up in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon, one of the few women in that profession. The (ASAPS) American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified surgeon focuses mainly on breast augmentation, nose jobs, face lift and eyelid lifts. She also performs suctions around abdomen areas, thighs and even on the arms. She has eight years of experience in this field of work. Before she moved her practice to Austin, Texas, she worked in New York at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and throat hospital. She started her work there as a fellow, learning and getting mentored by great experts in aesthetic plastic surgery. During this time, she acquired some tactics and techniques for cosmetic surgery. She then acted as a program director at the Hospital.

While in New York, she worked at Langone, A New York based medical center as a clinical instructor of plastic surgery. She also had her private practice. The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center based in New York. She moved her practice from New York to Austin Texas for family reasons. Walden is a member of several American plastic surgery associations. ASAPS being one of them and the other, among others, is the America College of Surgeons. She is also part of the board of ASAPS.

Having been raised in Texas, Walden had most of her education around the area. She had her first degree from Texan University, based in Austin. She graduated with Bachelor in Arts Biology. She progressed with her studies and earned Medical Doctorate highest honors Salutatorian in Texas. This was presented to her by Honor Medical Society. From there she started her externship; she joined the Miami plastic surgery association.

The experienced surgeon for cosmetic operations has received numerous awards to show for her magnificent achievements. She received an award from Kelsey-Seybold Foundation (Houston), an Excellence in Medicine Award which included a scholarship. She also earned the Glasgow Memorial Award that was presented to her by the American association for women in medicine in 1998. She also gained an award for the best scientific display, to name just but a few.


How Makari Promises Women Flawless, Youthful Skin and Why It Matters

Have you ever noticed that some people have perfect skin? There is surely some skepticism as to why their skin looks so perfect, including the idea that they must use a lot of makeup. However, plenty of women exude perfection from each individual pore simply because they take care of themselves from the inside out. Those who have perfect skin sustain a healthy lifestyle, which is something that few seem to forget. So, how do these beings achieve this flawless look?

They remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
They eat tons of fruits and vegetables, specifically those rich in antioxidants.
They moisturize, exfoliate, and cleanse their faces daily.
They refrain from too many products.
Ensuring to avoid excessive heat exposure greatly contributes to perfect skin.
Those with great skin eliminate the possibility for bacteria to destroy their complexions. Aside from eating diets that prevent them from getting sick, they routinely deep cleanse their makeup brushes and regularly replace their products.

In addition to the above mentioned, those with great skin often use whitening products, like those found at Makari. In no way do these products attempt to alter the pigment of one’s skin, but they free the pores from impurities, toxins, and blockages that are preventing the skin from glowing in a way that radiates youth, health, and vigor.

Makari is a reputable skin care line that stands out among their competitors. With whitening products such as beautifying milk and whitening antiseptic soap, this cosmetic line understands what it takes to deliver women the complexion they were once only able to dream about. An emphasis is placed on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously using these products, which is an encouragement that not only improves the appearance of women but their way of life as well. Makari has undoubtedly planted their roots in the skin care industry and they have done so with dignity, honesty, and formulas that have proven time and time again to work.