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DuckDuckGo is Poised for Search Engine Glory

DuckDuckGo is not exactly a search engine the average person is familiar with. In the aftermath of the NSA surveillance scandal, the previously minor search engine has grown quite a bit in popularity. The use of the search engine has, in fact, grown by about 600%. What this means is the search engine has orchestrated several billion searches over the past year. Why are so many people interested in what DuckDuckGo has to offer? Basically, the search engine provides enhanced privacy when it comes to searching online. Since people are becoming more and more concerned about their online privacy being compromised, a search engine that hides pertinent facts about searches and the location of the searcher is going to appeal to millions.

People do love and value their privacy. Not very many persons want details about their personal, financial, or even leisure activities to be known. Just ask Jim Dondero for one. It goes without saying the average person would be decidedly unhappy that a mysterious file was being maintained by a government agency. DuckDuckGo has definitely benefited from the public’s concern about privacy infringements. Perhaps the search engine might become a giant in the coming years.

Google is going to be the top search engine giant for years to come. Very few of the smaller search engines have proven to be successful. DuckDuckGo just might be riding a very lucky wave to success. Consider it the right search engine at the right time in history.

Is Google Taking Things Too Far?

Have you ever considered the possibility of interactive clothing? Google has. Do you think that the company is taking things too far with this new product that they are trying to get made? Do you think that interaction clothing is just a little too much?
First it was smart phones that everyone had to have with them all of the time, and then there were smart watches. Now Google is trying to make some interactive jeans reports Kevin Seawright. What do you think of this? Do you call it progress, or do you think that it’s all just a little bit too advanced? Do you think that it will catch on, or do you think that it’s a waste of Google’s time?
People have become dependent on their devices and technology so much already. If interactive clothing are to come out, will this be one more step toward total dependence on technology? Is this taking things too far? How do you think this will affect the next generation?