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Ford Leverages Media to Sell Electronic Vehicle Patents

If you’re a fan of Elon Musk and Tesla Motors you may be aware that all of Tesla’s patents are completely open and free to use. You can use any of Tesla’s patents without asking for permission or paying any kind of fee.

Ford recently user a clever marketing tactic to try and promote some of their electric vehicle patents. They told the media that they were opening up their patents. The only catch was that by opened up they actually meant a select number of patents would be available that you would have to pay to use. It’s more or less the opposite of what Elon Musk did with Tesla.

The media fell for the ploy hook line and sinker. A number of high profile media outlets around the internet have been reporting that Ford is joining Telsa in opening up patents according to businessman Kevin Seawright. This isn’t actually the case though. What they did really couldn’t have been any different.

It’s kind of sad when the big automakers feel like they need to play catch up with Tesla yet completely fail in doing so. Ford needs to be more afraid about what Elon Musk is up to than what anyone would do to hurt their profits with their electric vehicle patents.