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Eric Pulier: Giving Back While Pushing Forward

There are truly some great individuals in society now days no matter the industry. These unique individuals have a way of achieving high status all while in the process of giving back to the community. Unfortunately every great person doesn’t posses these fine qualities, but Entrepreneur Eric Pulier fits the bill perfectly. This guy is truly remarkable as he seems to have his hands in a number of projects. He’s known by many as a philanthropist, author, guest speaker, businessman, and technologist thanks to his broad range of knowledge. Ever since he was a child, this unique individual had a gift for creating things with such great ingenuity. During his high school years he started his very own computer database company. Did you know that in the fourth grade he programmed a computer? That’s right! Eric Pulier is simply a gifted individual with strong ambition.

While in college, Pulier majored in English/American Literature. His schedule was much fuller than his peers as he often wrote columns at the prominent Harvard Crimson Publication. Being such a success with that he would soon become one of it’s editors. MIT? Yes, Eric Pulier took classes at this higher learning facility all the while he was studying at Harvard University. His credentials at this age was more accomplished than people who’ve lived twice as long as he had. In 1988 he graduated from Harvard and by 1991 he would begin his professional career in Los Angeles, California. Pulier went to work immediately and started a company known as People Doing Things. This company used advanced technology to handle and solve issues in healthcare and education. Word had spread about this special guy and he would soon take his talents even further.

The credentials are amazing and his success his proof of it. Pulier has founded up to 15 companies, won numerous philanthropic awards, and has invested millions into capital venture deals as well as tech start-up companies. As of today this father of four owns a wonderful restaurant in Santa Monica, California as well as a popular club.

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Things you didn’t know about Eric Pulier

Most people know Eric Pulier as an entrepreneur, published author, technologist public speaker and a columnist, however, what many don’t know is that Eric Pulier is also a generous philanthropist. In most cases, we are used to the rich giving out because they needed something in return. But did you know there are others who give out of pure generosity? Eric Pulier is one of such people.

Early Philanthropic Deeds

Early in the 90’s, Eric started the People Doing Things technology which was aimed at helping disabled kids. His strong will to aid and believe that everyone could have a more productive life if they wanted is what drove his desire. In this project, he wanted the disabled kids to attend schools and have devices that they would use after school. His desire was accomplished, and within years, kids could take their devices in high school, college and beyond.

Life Achievements

Eric Pulier attended Teaneck High School, where he graduated in 1984. He joined Harvard University for his BA, and in 1988, he graduated Magna Cum Laude, Harvard. In college, he studied English American Literature, Computer Science and Visual and Environmental Studies.

He was also a columnist for the Harvard Crimson Weekly where he contributed to the PulierLeg. He developed a passion for computer programming while in fourth grade and created his first database while in high school.

Pulier has been involved in the founding of several foundations, all of which are aimed at helping the less privileged. For instance, he spearheaded the founding of Starbright World, which is a private social network for the chronically ill children. The platform allows these kids to connect, share experiences, post content and encourage each other.

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself as a founder, co-founder or funded organizations. These include Media Platform, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Destone, Akana, ServiceMesh and TM Forum; previously the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Some venture capitals that he has invested in include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and Trident Capital. However, this is not the end of his investment venturing as he looks forward to venturing in new firms.

And most importantly Eric Pulier is a father of four whom he lives with in LA.

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Eric Pulier: Unsung Hero

In today’s day and time, celebrities such as entertainers and professional athletes are idolized for their achievements. Though this is great in it’s own right, many of these individuals never seem to get around to helping those in need. On the other hand, some of the most intelligent people who’ve made an impact in society never receive the credit that they deserve and Eric Pulier is no exception. Pulier can be considered “a brilliant mind” to many people, but his strong ambition is what really sets him apart from other beings.

This guy has seen it all and done it all in a wide array of industries. He’s raised funds for start-up companies, invested in new ideas, and has constructed some of the most advanced technological concepts in present day. Eric Pulier has a resume of excellence that seems to be a mile long. Check out some of his accomplishments below:

  • C0-Founder of ServiceMesh Inc.
  • Managing Partner/Founder of FLY
  • Innovation Board Member of XPRIZE
  • (CEO) Founder of Akana Software
  • Chairman/Co-Founder of US Interactive, Inc
  • Founder of Digital Evolutior

From his beginnings in Teaneck, New Jersey he was always a creative individual. He programmed a computer while in elementary school and created a computer database company while in high school. Yes, he’s that intelligent and then some. This genius attended the prestigious Harvard University in 1984 and at this time he was taken extra classes at (MIT). Pulier always seem to be on the go unlike other young men his age, but it’s this ambition that shaped his successful future. Eric Pulier also created a unique private social media network for chronically ill children named Starbright World. This gave the children a means to communicate and to share their experiences with one another.

Eric Pulier seems to have a hand in many projects whether it’s technology, education, or government. Though he may not be a household name, Eric Pulier has done more for society than any entertainer/athlete in current times.

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