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How Eric Lefkofsky Helps Doctors Treat Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is best known by most people as one of the co-founders of Groupon. More recently, though, he co-founded another firm called Tempus, Inc. This company is focused on helping doctors treat cancer and save lives. They offer doctors a genomic sequencing platform which allows them to individualize the cancer treatment they use to treat their patients. This leads to much better outcomes rather than the older and more conventional way of treating cancer.

Tempus was founded in 2015 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. They recently held a series C funding round and were able to bring in $70 million in funding in. The investors in this round were New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth. To date, Eric Lefkofsky and his business partner have raised a total of $130 million. Tempus is now valued at about $700 million. It was founded by Lefkofsky and a longtime business partner of his, Brad. Previously they had also teamed up when launching Groupon together.

Eric Lefkofsky serves at Tempus as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He recognized that there was a need in the healthcare industry, in particular in regards to the methods by which clinical data collection was gathered. He knew that he could make improvements to this process which would result in doctors being better able to individually treat patients. With their background in technology, Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus use tech to put together a large amount of genomic and clinical data all together into one large database. Previously, information like this was spread out over different systems and databases.

Lefkofsky has been instrumental in establishing partnerships with a number of healthcare organizations. Among these are the Duke University School of Medicine, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Mayo Clinic. The goal is to create the largest molecular and clinical library in existence so that cancer care is improved around the world.

Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He earned his bachelor’s there in 1991 and his law degree at their law school in 1994. He has been an entrepreneur ever since, and has founded or co-founded several companies.