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Equities First Holdings – Globally Recognized Alternative Financial Service Provider

Equities First Holdings is one of the most famous names in the world of alternative financial solutions. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, USA. However, the company has its regional offices based in many different countries, such as in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and China. The primary aim of Equities First Holdings is to help the middle market companies and small to medium-sized businesses to get the finance they need to fuel their business expansion moves and make any strategic investments they have been planning.

Equities First Holdings offers non-purpose loans with easy repayment terms to companies from across the globe. These loans are given instead of stocks, and thus, it also helps the borrowers to save their investments. Over the years, Equities First Holdings materialized over 700 transactions and have provided non-purpose loans worth well over $1.4 Billion. Businesses, irrespective of their scale are looking for capital from time to time to fund their business expansion and development initiatives. Recently, the company announced that it is moving its Melbourne Office to the central district in the city and the new office is much larger than the previous one.

Equities First Holdings believes that it would add to the company’s business in Melbourne and also help the employees to work efficiently at a much larger and comfortable office. Moreover, the easily accessible location in Melbourne would ensure that the clients can easily access the Equities First office.

Equities First Holdings have offices in Perth and Sydney as well in Australia. The announcement of moving to a much larger office also comes as a move to accommodate the growing business in Australia. As more and more businesses realize the benefits of non-purpose loans, the benefits are trickling down to companies providing alternative financing solutions, a market that is dominated by Equities First Holdings.

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Equities First Holdings, the Alternative Capital Source

This Company is well known globally, and in the UK, it specializes in the valuating property to find alternative lending solutions to investors and people who have assets and need a non-purpose capital. As we have said, it is global and helps clients in security based loans.

Equities First likes focusing on clients deal after deal. They are straightforward, and their one on one interaction offers customers unique services that will strengthen them by enabling access to quick funding in an efficient way.

Loan processing is straightforward and transparent not to forget, secure. Valuation is done by professionals who calculate the loan to value ratio LTV ratio and provide low-interest rates. Their way of funding is delivery versus payment method. Upon the repayment of the loan, the pledged collateral is returned to the owner. It offers honest services to customers.

Using their services benefit in various ways, they provide a non-recourse lending methods of repayment that are based on the profits gained from the returns of the loan. Equities First Holdings are helping in financing big corporations for essential capital and give advice to clients for them to meet their objectives. They are planners who offer counsel on strategic cash flow management, global resource development, and allocation.

The significant benefit that investors typically fear is the fact that their rates are low as we had seen, this is because their loans are stock-base loans. You do not have to give a reason, purpose or obligation for your loan. As long as you can repay it, then you will be funded. Equity First Holdings unlike other financial companies and banks, is not affected by bottlenecks like any limited lending methods. The bank regulations have no effects on the firms. As a result, their interest rates are significantly low. The company has gained prominence recently due to increased number of clients seeking its services.

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