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How Eric Pulier is Redefining Tech

A Prodigy Is Born

The life of Eric Pulier starts out similar to other giants of the software industry. Like Mark Zuckerberg an Bill Gates, Pulier was a gifted child who showed promise at an early age. He wrote his first code before he was 10 and he founded his first software company before he had even finished high school. Like any other young and gifted student, Pulier eventually enrolled in classes at Harvard University. After shining as a star academic, Pulier finally graduated and entered the tech industry as an entrepreneur.

The Midas Touch Is Real

The most amazing thing about Eric Pulier is just about everything he touches seems to turn to gold. When he creates a startup it quickly generates revenue and leaves the competition in the dust. It isn’t surprise when you consider the numerous patents he has to his name. Just about every year Pulier manages to release an entirely new invention to the world. One year he releases a remote desktop application, but the next year he might give us some breakthrough in telecommunications. That level of talent is a rare find no matter how far someone makes it in the tech industry.

Giving Back To The World

Although he has amassed a large fortune and proven himself as an inventor, Eric Pulier continues to place charity as an important value. Whenever there is a charity in need of his services, Pulier is there to give them. The Starbright Foundation needed to build a social network for their young patients. Not only did Pulier deliver what was expected, he also gave the Starbright Foundation the world’s first private social network. It is important to understand that Eric Pulier is a man raising 4 children. He wants to make sure he gives those children the best world he can.

Adam Goldenberg Revolutionizes Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg is an American entrepreneur. Goldenberg is the co-founder of JustFab. He is the kind of person who can spot a trend in the fashion industry, grow it into a business and consequently, make it a leading brand. His entrepreneurial skills became evident by the age of 14. It was in this year that he founded a gaming company called Gamers Alliance. Three years later, Gamers Alliance was sold to Intermix Media in 1999. By the age of 20, he got promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Intermix. This was his breakthrough in his career. Adam became the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. It was in this group where he met Don. Their friendship grew very fast and in 2002, they formed their business.

They came up with a fashion industry that targeted women. After consultation and extensive research, they found out that for fashion to remain relevant in the social media platform, it had to be fun and engaging. They named the company Intelligent Beauty. This company operates and incubates businesses in beauty and fashion spaces. The company grows it businesses by employing technology. Technology helps in marketing and also in the building of the brand.

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TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC

Later, as they sought to expand, it became paramount that for fashion to get acceptance in the market, it needed a combination of several characteristics. For instance, they realized that a mix of a fun product and one that trended online was necessary for growth. To build this affordable and attractive model, they hired the services of style consultants and designers. As a result, JustFab was formed. This company aimed at providing ladies accessories, handbags, and shoes at a subscription fee of 39 dollars per month. Their intention is to inspire women, help them in changing or improving their wardrobes. They also provide styling tips to their customers. The company has grown under the theme of sharing. Adam says that sharing fashion evokes a response in the market. If the style is right, the response is registered in high consumption.

Of late, JustFab has changed its name to Tech Style fashion group. The renaming of the company was intended to emphasize on the company’s roots in technology. Adam Goldenberg, the Chief Executive Officer, said despite the change of names, the company stays true to its vision. He stated that the name captures what JustFab has become. He said that today, fashion has merged with technology and hence the name.

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Marc Sparks, A Story Of The American Dream

Marc Sparks is a Dallas, Texas resident who has been a very successful businessman. He now owns multiple different companies, and he has been very successful with them. He has several telecommunication businesses, such as Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, and Splash Media. He also is the owner of Timber Creek Capital. In addition to telecommunications, he has also been involved in the real estate, business solutions, and venture capital industries. However, he has not always been so successful. In fact, he started out as a C student! He now is working on a book that describes how it is possible for anyone to be successful.

He does not attribute his success to anything unique about him, nor does he feel his success was a matter of very good luck. He truly feels it is possible for anyone to become a success in the world of business. He is now writing a book, which is titled “They Can’t Eat You“. This book discusses his life and how he has become so successful. It also says that it would be possible for just about anyone to become successful in business. Of course, they need to use the right business strategies, make smart investments, and learn the necessary skills.

Marc Sparks@msparks5010

Done and done! Finally – 3 years and 11 drafts later – my book is released!

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Also, Marc Sparks is giving back. He does not simply keep all of his wealth for himself. He is very involved in philanthropic causes, in his local community and elsewhere. He does much more than just donate money. He also invests time in volunteering for local organizations, such as the Habitat For Humanity. He has helped this organization to build homes for the needy. Additionally, he has helped with a program that helps to make sure that individuals in the community get a high school education. Since the late 1980s, he has been involved in helping out a local homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn.