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ClassDojo Provides App To Make Daily School Activities Easier

Schools have changed a lot over the past generation. The use of technology has allowed schools to expand the level of education provided in schools through the use of technology such as the Internet. In addition, the Internet provides a variety of methods to help in the educational process. Teachers and students can access informational resources, view live online educational instruction, view video, and many other educational resources that were not possible in prior generations.


As technology innovations have continued to provide new ways of doing various tasks, schools have been able to utilize some of the technology innovations. The use of WiFi has been a major reason why schools have embraced the use of technology more in recent times. The use of WiFi allows teachers to use technology without being restrained. Also, with some new technology innovations such as smartphones, teachers have been able to use technology in ways that were not possible even a few short years ago.  Check this on


One of the things that many teachers have done in recent years is to start to use smartphones in the classroom. The use of smartphones has become very popular and teachers have been able to use various apps on smartphones to help in the classroom. One of the most popular apps used by teachers is an app developed by ClassDojo. The app provides numerous school related capabilities that teachers, parents, and students can use in the school environment.


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A capability on the ClassDojo app hat many teachers have been using instead of having to schedule the traditional teacher and parent student conference at school is the teacher and parent communication on the app. By using the teacher and parent communication on the app, teachers and parents are able to communicate whenever they desire regarding students. There are several benefits to using the teacher and parent app communication instead of the traditional teacher and parent student conference. One of the main benefits is the time saved by teachers.  More related posts on businessinsider


ClassDojo has received a great deal of feedback concerning the app. The app has been well received in thousands of schools across the country. ClassDojo has received another series of funding regarding its app. The amount of the funding is 21 million dollars. The company plans to use the money to make various enhancements to the app.


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