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How ClassDojo Is Changing Education

ClassDojo is a unique app that is taking the world by storm in a new way that you are not aware of. Parents and teachers are finding it easier to bring their minds to the forefront of their needs with the help of this new app. ClassDojo is a very well respected that is definitely going to provide you with everything you need to give the kids a reliable new way to get their education.  More of this on

ClassDojo in its most basic definition is an app that teachers can use to connect to parents almost immediately. The app allows teachers to send messages, pictures, and even videos of children participating in school events. ClassDojo is a very unique app that gives parents an inside look on their children’s lives, and it’s so good for teachers because now they don’t have to wait until the next parent-teacher conference to tell the parents what their child is up to.

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Based on, raising more than $21 million in the last year to help with venture funding, this company wants to take their brand to a new level and hire more people to be part of this site. The app only has a few people who work on the app, and it is already being used by more than 80,000+ schools in the nation. They are looking to be able to work with more schools, more teachers, and build their overall team while providing them with a decent salary to help continue making this app a reality and expand its horizons.

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