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O2Pur: Setting the Pace in the Cigarette Market

O2Pur is a limited liability company that has been in business for more than five years. Scott Barth is the founder of the company. The firm majors in production and distribution of both E-cigarettes & E-liquid products and services. The most reached area is Utah. It is important to recognize that the tobacco industry is growing gradually and going through the revolutionary process. This cuts across all the cigarette companies and O2Pur is among them. It has a wide range of commodities offered in line with the e-cigs. The cigarette market is transforming with changes from a traditional aspect with increasing emergence of new flavors. One of the major technology causing great hits in the industry include the heat-not-burn technology and many companies are already investing in the same.

This technology, HNB, is an electric cigarette but with a more heated flavor of nicotine to the users. The flavor from e-cigs is free from chemical toxins that are produced when tobacco is burnt. This type requires replacement which means that the manufacturing companies are getting revenues from the steady stream of purchases. E-cigs have greatly gained popularity in the industry and taking over in great miles. In just a few weeks, e-cigs has gained shares of 5.4 percent in the Japanese market. In the current situation, over 12 markets have embraced e-cigs.

O2Pur is a cigarette company taking over the market in E-cigs with great energy. The other co-owners together with Barth include Vapex and Victor E Juice. The company’s fame continues to roar in the market because of its commitment to producing great flavors that excite customers in e-cigs. They have more different flavors made available in various quantities as the users would prefer. These flavors are in line with e-cigs and e-liquid. Apart from the incredible flavor advantage, the company offers the products at favorably fair prices in the market. In some other instances, they give away many offers to their customers on the product quantities and price tags. As a measure of value, O2Pur is keen to the age on which the products are availed and remain strict on their instructions and values. They identify viable clients to be aged 21 years and above.