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Breathing New Life into the e-Cig Market, with an Eye on O2Pur Products

We have all been exposed to the e-Cig marketing! Vape shops have popped up all over the country. Consumers heat a nicotine infused liquid for inhaling the frequently flavored vapors, in place of traditional tobacco smoking.

The super bankrolled Philip Morris International corporation (hereinafter PM) is poising itself to dominate the e-Cig tobacco market. PM is taking aggressive steps to legalize advertising about the safety of its e-Cig products by applying for an FDA “reduced-risk” designation. PM has engineered a new electronic heat-not-burn (hereinafter HNB) vaping device that heats real tobacco just below combustion point to vaporize the nicotine. PM is marketing the product as HeatSticks under the Marlboro brand.

The PM HeatSticks, and similar devices being produced by other tobacco giants, use natural tobacco for a more organic experience and real tobacco taste. The sales are driven by the need to supply fresh tobacco in quantities similar to ordinary cigarettes.

Reynolds-America is the current e-Cig leader, with the strongest market share held by its Vuse device. It had pioneered the Eclipse brand natural tobacco vaping (HBN) product in the early 90’s. In 2014, the Eclipse product was repackaged as Revo, while still failing to tempt consumers. Reynolds is once again gambling for success in this market by redeveloping the Eclipse for resale under the Core brand name.

British American Tobacco will soon complete its acquisition of Reynolds-America. This will make it the largest tobacco company in the world, surpassing even PM. PM currently owns the majority of market share with its traditional cigarette products. In spite of the acquisition, PM may rebound to dominate the industry if it is able to win FDA approval of plan to market its HNB HeatStick and e-Cig products as the safer alternative to smoking.

O2Pur is a company of interest that is capturing market share over the internet. O2Pur has developed a profitable business model that will likely adapt with any consumer trends. The O2Pur price points, their focus on variety for the consumer, and overall ease of use sales platform appears to make it a promising investment in this sector of the market.