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Dr. Walden Reviews Climate For Female Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden is well prepared for the successful career she now enjoys. Dr. Walden spent her childhood years in Austin, Texas and went on to earn salutatorian honors for her class when graduating from the University of Texas Medical School located in Galveston, Texas. Next, Dr. Walden would embark on a journey to New York City where she completed a fellowship at the Manhattan Hospital for the Throat, Eyes, and Ears.

Jennifer Walden opened and maintained her first private practice in New York City once finishing her fellowship before returning to Austin in 2011. Dr. Walden has focused her practice on cosmetic surgeries like augmentation of the breasts, face-lifts, rhinoplasties. She also performs liposuction on various parts of the body at her practice and performs procedures that are minimally invasive such as Botox therapies and the filling of soft tissue.

Dr. Jennifier Walden is a rarity in her field as there are only 851 female doctors counted among the more than 8,000 physicians that are certified to perform plastic surgery in the United States. And only 180 of these female plastic surgeons have memberships with the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the chief organization in the country for plastic surgeons that are board certified. Twelve of the women, Dr. Jennifer Walden included, are residents of the state of Texas.

Dr. Walden has her opinion as to why the field of plastic surgery specifically, as well as other types of surgery, is such a male-dominated workplace. She explains that at least five years of post-graduate school and a year or two completing a fellowship is often necessary to earn surgeon credentials. Dr. Walden makes the observation that for many women this means putting off starting a family and having children for a longer period of time than they are willing to wait for these things.

Dr. Walden also explains that the culture surrounding the field of surgery is a little rough for some women and the field has not historically been a place of welcome for female surgeons. She says that is a lot of pressure for women to continuously prove themselves in the field but it is a task that she is definitely up to.