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Dr. David Samadi Fights Prostate Cancer Passionately

There was an announcement by Mitt Romney, former Republican nominee for president that over the summer he had prostate surgery for a tumor he was diagnosed with earlier during 2017. The disclosure is a sign that he might be running for the U.S. Senate set that Orrin Hatch now occupies in Utah. The surgery was performed in California at UC Irvine Hospital. Romney’s prognosis is good and his is not the first politician to have undergone prostate surgery for cancer.

Prostate cancer is rare before forty, men sixty-five and over are diagnosed in six out of ten cases with sixty-six being the average. March of 2017 Romney celebrated his seventieth birthday. The decisions might include the choice between radiation or surgery to treat it. Dr. David Samadi recommends surgery over radiation if the cancer is localized in the prostate or has not reached past the gland. It has been shown in a number of studies that treating these situations with surgery instead of radiation allows the patient to do better.

The risk of death is doubled from radiation treatment where the risk with surgery is only one and a half time more likely. The cancer will be more difficult to remove surgically if it comes back after being treated with radiation. The survival rate for those who have the prostate removed is nearly one hundred percent.

Dr. David Samadi always knew that he wanted to help people and be a doctor. His ambition is relentless and he has always worked extremely hard. Samadi developed his passion for men’s health and the fight against prostate cancer during his residency. He was scheduled for a cardiac surgery observation that was cancelled and observed surgery for prostate cancer instead. Samadi was fascinated by the navigation around such a small area of the body.

Dr. David Samadi was raised in the Middle East, he has lived in Europe and currently in the United States. He has trained and performed robotic surgery in places like France, Germany, London, Israel, the Dominican Republic and others. Dr. Samadi has also worked in several areas of medicine and systems of healthcare.