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Dogs Love Eating Beneful Dog Food And Their Owners Enjoy Watching Beneful Commercials

Anytime you want to become instantly happy, all you have to do is watch a Beneful dog food commercial. In a Beneful commercial titled “Play Close,” a young man is kneeling on the kitchen floor while playing with his fairly large brown dog. The man appears to really be the dog’s owner, and they have a lot of affection for each other. The commercial is for the Beneful Healthy Smile line of dog food and snacks.

It’s funny to see the dog mimicking the funny faces that the man is making, and it’s nice to see the dog happily eating a bowl of the Healthy Smile dog food.

Another Beneful commercial features a woman being enthusiastically greeted by her little dog when she arrives home. The woman and dog are obviously happy to see each other, and the dog’s pleasure only increases when he eats some Beneful Baked Delights snacks.

Beneful Helps Your Save With Your Pet

Many dog owners trust Beneful dog food for their favorite little friends. Beneful is a dog food by Purina, and it is full of wholesome and nutritious ingredients for a dog. Beneful is a dog food that is unique because of its ingredients and also because of Purina’s dedication to animals. Purina is a dog food brand that loves dogs, and the majority of Purina workers are dog owners as well. The great thing about Beneful dog food is that it is healthy and affordable.


Dog food can be expensive because it is something that has to be regularly bought for an animal. The great thing about Beneful dog food is that there are ways to make its purchase even more Affordable. One of the ways to make this dog food affordable is by using a manufacturers coupon. A manufacturers coupon is a coupon that is made by Beneful in order to help their clients to buy their dog food at an even more inexpensive rate. There are some stores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Target that have store coupons. Store coupons are coupons that are made by the store so that their patrons can get a better deal when purchasing in their store. Manufacturer’s coupons can be used along with the stores coupon to get an amazing deal.


It is simple to find coupons in the weekly coupon inserts that usually come out on Sunday mornings. There are many Beneful coupons that one can find, and there are even some buy one get one coupons. An individual can also go to to download Beneful coupons, and each device can download two coupons. Being a dog owner is a very rewarding experience, and by making savvy choices a person can save a lot of money on their favorite little pet.

Feeding Your Pet Healthy Food With Beneful

I am a good pet owner. I enjoy having pets, and I want them to live a long life. I try to take the best care of my pets that I can possibly manage. I get them pet clothes that I adore. I dress them up, and they parade around the house. They seem like they like it, and they are healthy. I just want my pets to be around for a long time. I’m happy that they enjoy their home. I’m going to keep buying them the best food that I can possibly manage to find. Right now, I’m buying them Beneful brand dog food. I want them to eat a well balanced meal every time they eat. They usually eat twice each day. If I am home during the day, then I might feed them during the lunch hours.

Feeding Your Pet

The bag of dog food tells you how much that your pet should eat. It’s based on their body weight on, so it’s easy to figure out. I just bought a new scale. I used it to weigh each animal. I got on the scale with them, and then, I got on the scale alone. I subtract the weight after I get off the scale, so the end weight is their weight. I want to make sure they are eating enough. I feed my dogs a lot of dry food. I usually pick up a bag at the local pet store. I got the chicken flavor now of the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. Next week I think I’ll switch it up and get the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original with beef. I already know that they like the salmon flavor a lot of the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original.

I try to make sure that they don’t get over fed. However, my oldest dog is getting a little chubby. Her ribs are harder to see, and there is more fat over the rivs, so I think it is time to take her to see a vet about this. The vet will feel around her ribs and tell me whether she is too big. It is super important to make sure she is a healthy weight. If not, I will take her off her current food and put her on the Beneful on facebook Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight option. That is a chicken flavored blend also.