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A guide to Dr. Rod Rohrich’s transparency

There are a countless number of options that you are likely to find when it comes to plastic surgeons, however, just because they are surgeons does not imply in any way that they would be able to perform any form of surgery on you. You need someone who brings incredible expertise and experience to the table who could listen and understand you and who is totally empathetic and compassionate towards the cause. If you are looking for someone who fits into all the above-mentioned categories and more, then your one-stop destination is Dr. Rod Rohrich, the best named plastic surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area for many years now.

Finding someone who could give you great results would tend you give you a higher level of confidence, but that’s not everything when it comes to surgery. According to Dr. Rohrich, your communication with the doctor as well as his team is equally vital in making sure that the entire transition is smooth and effective. Having a positive and clear interaction with the team is definitely bound to give you a higher level of peace and also improve your overall customer experience. He strongly believes that when you are happy before your surgery, you are likely to be more happy post the surgery and also your recovery could be much faster and easier.

Dr. Rohrich urges patients to do some level of homework before deciding to go with any plastic surgeon. One area he wants everyone to focus is to check if the surgeon has at least two before and after pictures for his recent surgeries just to make sure that he/she could produce the exceptional results that you arewish for. Another thing he wants us to focus is to see if there is a continuity in the surgeon’s practice as he points out how essential that is to the surgery. He understands the complexities involved in the surgical procedure as a surgery like facelift could either make or break your face. These are few of many tips he gives his patients to make sure that they get every buck worth of the amount spent.

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Dr. David Samadi Fights Prostate Cancer Passionately

There was an announcement by Mitt Romney, former Republican nominee for president that over the summer he had prostate surgery for a tumor he was diagnosed with earlier during 2017. The disclosure is a sign that he might be running for the U.S. Senate set that Orrin Hatch now occupies in Utah. The surgery was performed in California at UC Irvine Hospital. Romney’s prognosis is good and his is not the first politician to have undergone prostate surgery for cancer.

Prostate cancer is rare before forty, men sixty-five and over are diagnosed in six out of ten cases with sixty-six being the average. March of 2017 Romney celebrated his seventieth birthday. The decisions might include the choice between radiation or surgery to treat it. Dr. David Samadi recommends surgery over radiation if the cancer is localized in the prostate or has not reached past the gland. It has been shown in a number of studies that treating these situations with surgery instead of radiation allows the patient to do better.

The risk of death is doubled from radiation treatment where the risk with surgery is only one and a half time more likely. The cancer will be more difficult to remove surgically if it comes back after being treated with radiation. The survival rate for those who have the prostate removed is nearly one hundred percent.

Dr. David Samadi always knew that he wanted to help people and be a doctor. His ambition is relentless and he has always worked extremely hard. Samadi developed his passion for men’s health and the fight against prostate cancer during his residency. He was scheduled for a cardiac surgery observation that was cancelled and observed surgery for prostate cancer instead. Samadi was fascinated by the navigation around such a small area of the body.

Dr. David Samadi was raised in the Middle East, he has lived in Europe and currently in the United States. He has trained and performed robotic surgery in places like France, Germany, London, Israel, the Dominican Republic and others. Dr. Samadi has also worked in several areas of medicine and systems of healthcare.

Imran Haque: The Iconic Doctor

The success of any health practitioner is determined by their passion for saving lives and assisting the patients to recover from their illnesses. Dr. Imran is one of the dedicated internists who has worked for the last 15 years with a passion at heart to save lives. As a person who graduated in the year 1998 with a degree in medicine, he has practiced his profession as an internist in many hospitals offering internal medicine services. He has been licensed as a medical practitioner in North Carolina, and thus as a graduate with experience of almost two decades, Dr. Imran has the capacity to treat all patients.

Some of the notable treatments that he has greatly contributed to include the treatment of Diabetes. Diabetes has been one of the menaces that affect people from all walks of life, and with this knowledge, the doctor understands that the treatment of this illness is critical to the whole community in the Northern Carolina. On this note, he notes that technology plays a critical role in ensuring that new equipment that will ensure efficiency in the treatment of diabetes. He has also together with other specialists worked on the nutrition patterns and the work outs that are needed to assist the diabetes patients.

Imran Haque has also assisted mainly in the weight management to ensure that the community has good health. He insists that the health of the community is affected by the lifestyle of the community. He thus notes that the nutrition and conducting exercises will be the determinant of the health of the nation of Northern Carolina.

He is a mentor to young medical students and has assisted them severally in conducting their research and by strengthening of their passion as specialists to develop the passion for saving lives. He has also contributed greatly to the research conducted by the state health boards. He has provided publications with an aim to aid the patients and provide a basis for further medical research. On this note, he notes that technology plays a critical role in ensuring that new equipment that will ensure efficiency in the treatment of ailments that affect the people in the nation.

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USHEALTH Group, Inc Won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

The USHEALTH Group, Inc insurance company recently won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award. This is a complete win for anyone that is interested in self-employed individuals that must pay for their own health insurance. Based in Ft Worth, Texas with a primary focus on supporting small business holders after the Affordable Health Act that was put into place by Obama, their executive teams have worked hard to earn this valued award. Here are some of the things that helped them achieve that award.

Limited Budget Not an Issue

Probably the best part of this health group is the affordability factor for individuals that are self-employed. They offer a wide variety of plan choices for those clients. It’s affordable and flexible, should your needs change.

Coverage Options

The options that are available to clients are what makes the company the best choice today for self-employed individuals. Plans can be adjusted to include options for disabilities, life insurance, specific issues that relate to long term illness.

USHEALTH Group, Inc is sold through agents that offer coverage, which is catered to individual situations that can remedy the shortage of affordable health care. While these plans might change over the years with different administrations in the White house, USHEALTH Group, Inc is always dedicated to helping you find the best choices for your specific needs today.

These are just some of the reasons that they won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award. They are a true contender for the future of self-employed individuals everywhere today.


The reviews for USHEALTH Group Inc are excellent as well. When you select them as your insurance provider for you and your family’s personal insurance needs, they guide you through the various pitfalls of the industry today. It’s confusing out there, and you need a friend to help you see how to navigate through coverage options that are available at an affordable price. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.

People trust a company that has immediate feedback for questions that might come up during the sign up process. Guidance can really help you when you aren’t sure of what options are best for you and your family. USHEALTH Group, Inc offers that support as well, to make sure that the plan that you sign up for, is the very best selection that you could make. That, and all of the other reasons show how USHEALTH Group, Inc is the way to go when it’s time to select your insurance when nothing else is affordable for your budget. Now, they have even won an award that proves that.

Jennifer Walden, Super Doctor

Jennifer Walden is a 5 star plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, born in 1971 to a father who was a dentist and her mother, a surgical nurse. When Dr. Walden started out in the medical profession, she began in aesthetic surgery in Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Walden graduated in 1989 from Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from University of Texas, graduating with honors. Jennifer Walden graduated salutorian, the second highest graduate from University of Texas Medical Branch in 1998.
Upon graduating from University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Walden became an intern there. She spent her tenure in New York, assisting in medical trials for breast reduction surgery. Seven and half years later, she left New York and returned in December 2011 to her native Austin, Texas where she decided to open her own practice. In 2014, she opened a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been professionally taught cosmetic procedures.
Dr. Walden is hailed by her patients as being a perfectionist about her work and having an excellent bedside manner. She’s presently on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery board and serves as their Vice Commissioner of Communications. In 2014, Texas Monthly named Jennifer Walden one of the super doctor in the state of Texas.
Dr. Walden is the mother of twin sons named Houston and Rex. It was important for Walden to have her practice in Texas instead of New York because she wanted to raise her sons in Austin, Texas. Walden’s president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. She holds many awards including,The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation and the The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine and scholarship.
Jennifer Walden specializes in breast reduction, tummy tucks, face lifts, and rhinoplasties. Her patients say that her breast augmentations are done so well that the patient has to think twice and remember that these are implants and not the natural breast tissue. One patient had Tuberous breast since puberty. After having circumaerola mastopexy with 350cc silicone implants, she finally feels normal for the first time in her life.
One patient was having trouble with her abdominal muscles after giving birth to three babies through cesarian section. She went to Dr.Walden for abdominal reconstructive surgery to tighten up the loose skin and muscles.
A third patient came to Dr. Walden to remove the bags from under her eyes, part of her genetic makeup. The doctor recommended she try ThermiSmooth treatment, a hand piece that adds heat as it messges the wrinkle and eye bags. Another satisfied customer.