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White Shark Media Review to Help You Make an Informed Decision

The world of marketing has undergone a tremendous change with the advent of online marketing. Most of the companies today prefer online marketing over other conventional marketing techniques, especially because the results offered by online marketing are sustainable and comes at a price that is a fraction of what other marketing medium costs. However, to get the results you are looking for; it is imperative that you hire an online marketing firm that is well-reviewed and an expert in its niche. One of the companies that have been consistently delivering over the years since its inception in the field of internet marketing is White Shark Media.

White Shark Media offers PPC management, link building services, Google Adwords services, social media marketing, and more. The list of services provided by White Shark Media is comprehensive, and the best part is that it provides customized marketing services to its clients based on their current marketing position and their marketing goals and objectives. The company uses the advanced online marketing tools and draws from its years of experience to provide online marketing services to its clients. White Shark Media is considered an authority in the field of pay per click management, search engine optimization, web development, mobile marketing, and more.

As more and more customers are switching to the internet for shopping and buying a range of other services or for information, it is essential that online as well as offline businesses have their presence online. To strengthen the web presence, an effective SEO strategy needs to be made and carefully implemented, which is where the White Shark Media comes in. White Shark Media has a panel of SEO specialists and social media marketing experts, who would listen to the clients’ requirements and objectives carefully and custom tailor an SEO strategy that would help meet their online marketing goals.

White Shark Media continues to update its online marketing strategy regularly to stay in tune with the evolution that the online marketing world is going through. White Shark Media emphasizes on offering attentive customer service backed by visible results it provides through its services.

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White Shark Media: Leaders in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, White Shark Media has proven to be the leader of these services in the United States of America. This well-known company offers a variety of services that include web development, mobile marketing and also pay per click management. White Shark offers other services such as search engine optimization, land page optimization and even conversion optimization and not forgetting pay per click engines. The company has an annual revenue of between $3 million and $ 5 million. As of 2015, the company had a client retention rate of between 8 percent and ten percent.


White Shark Media has its headquarters in Miami, Florida and targets medium level companies. Currently, the Chief Marketing Officer of this company is Andrew Lolk. Some of the most notable clients with White Shark Media include Platinum Oro Painters Canada as well as iMarine Inc. and A Star Movers Texas. The company was established 6 years ago and currently has over one hundred and forty employees. By the mid-2016, the company had over six hundred active clients. To respond to its clients need, complaints and reviews, the company can be found on Twitters, Facebook, and LinkedIn. White Shark Media often changes its marketing tactics to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing.


This digital marketing giant was established by three individuals. They were Gary Garth who acted as the Chief Executive Officer and Alexander Nygard who acted as Chief Sales Officer. The third founding member was Andrew Lolk who used to work as the Vice President of PPC. These three are of Danish descent, and their main market target was North America and Latin America. To ensure they remain competitive, White Shark Media maintains a pool of talented leadership and employees. The company also relies on its good reputation that often brings more customers and referrals.


Over the years, White Shark Media has received various certifications and accreditations in the digital market. Some of these certifications include Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner as well as the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner is a program by Google Adwords that is meant for small medium business enterprises that cannot manage their campaigns. In this case, White Shark Media has received the recommendation of Google to offer these services to these SMBs. With regards to Bing Ads Authorized Reseller, this is as a result of recognition by Microsoft for their proven record in dealing with small medium enterprises. If you are looking for the best company when it comes to digital marketing, look no further as White Shark Media has you covered.


The Importance of Reputation Management

In the Internet age, with just a simple online search anybody can have access to detailed information about any person and everything. If a negative comment or review shows up online, about your personal profile or your company you need to have it removed or suppressed. That’s here reputation management comes in.

At its most basic, reputation management entails monitoring the Internet for each new mentions of a person, company, service, corporation, or product. Negative reviews are addressed in a number of ways, ranging from trying to get undesirable content disposed of to publicizing favorable content so that the bad content drops in search rankings.

To find out what Internet surfers see when they perform a search for your name or your business, hiring online reputation management service is extremely essential. Unfortunately, not many people do not have a good understanding of how their online profile can affect their personal lives or their business.

If you want to protect your personal or business profile from derogatory reviews, or if you are trying to maintain an impressive image of your company, it is very important that you contact a Reputation Management firm for assistance in public relations. You don’t just choose any reputation management firm you see out there. It is imperative that you choose a company that has an established history of providing top quality online reputation management services.

Reputation management service include the creation of websites, press releases, syndicated articles, social media assets, and much more. Status Labs is well known for rendering top notch service that meets the needs of clients. In addition to reputation management service, these companies offer a wealth of web services and digital marketing services.

Status Labs is a specialist reputation management firm working that caters to both companies and individuals, to help them with suppression or removal of negative information. Status Labs has provided restoration of online reputation for many years and has highly knowldgeable professionals who are experts in social media promotion and managing online reviews. They can suppress and challenge content from search results, using various strategies to help clients build an impressive presence online.

Their list of successful clients include high-profile individuals, business owners, executives, professionals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, companies, corporations and organizations of all sizes, all with ironclad confidentiality.