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Victoria Doramus Battle Against Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is a market trend analyst and a recovering expert. As a 26-year-old in 2011, she went to her first rehab, which she checked out after 45 days and returned to Los Angeles but did not overcome her addiction. Victoria tried changing friends, moving to different states and even going back to college in London and yet still did not get the help she needed. She eventually went to rehab in Connecticut in 2016 with the hope of getting better and proving to her mother, a cancer patient, that she had everything under control but in the process lost everything including her friends and family.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus flew to Austin and joined Burning tree, a rehabilitation facility with a 12 step based program with a boot camp approach. The whole day was aligned with activities ranging from prayer and meditation to chores and later meetings that allowed the patients to acknowledge their bad choices without feeling like victims. In the process, they would get a clear understanding of their situations from awareness and connection to supreme powers.After serving her time in the facility, Ms. Doramus left to work an average of 35 hrs in Dallas. After four months of working, she moved to New York and joined non-profit organizations that focused on addiction with the aim of helping others who had the same problem.

The recovering addict is hoping to start a center in New York based on the 12 steps and has written a book, Adderall, that talks about her journey and experience throughout the addiction period but has not been published yet. According to her addiction is not about the drugs but the results that cause a problem bigger than an individual. She believes that change is possible and it is upon anyone struggling with addiction to make efforts and find their way into sobriety. Check out Victoria’s closet at Tradesy.

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Constant Improvements For White Shark Media

White Shark Media has earned a reputation for being a leader in providing consultancy to businesses in managing digital media. But this has required constant Upgradation and innovation. They make use of their client’s complaints to improve their services.

There have been issues regarding clients complaining that White Shark Media is not communicating enough. Hence they have organized monthly meetings with the clients. Next was about going through the receptionist each time to reach their contact person. Thus White Shark Media has provided a phone system with direct extension numbers so that clients can now call the contact person directly. As soon as the client signs up, there will be an email that will have all the necessary information about this contact person as well as about his supervisor. This will ensure seamless communication even if the contact person is out of office.

Clients also complain that the new optimized campaigns are not as effective as the old ones. This can place a question mark on the overall competency of any AdWords agency. Hence the solution here was to give adequate importance to the existing campaign. There is no need to reinvent the wheel for every client. The task here has to be to produce a campaign that is performing better. In the case of an existing well-performing campaign, it is best to use as much of it as possible. This can be along with the new initiatives. The old campaign can continue till the new initiatives developed by White Shark Media start producing results.