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Prevent Being Hacked with Rubica

I was hacked. I never thought that it would happen to me but it did. The information that we store inside our computers, external hard drives and even the cloud are susceptible to theft. I never thought that it would be possible for someone far away from where I live to access all of these files. I admit that my computer’s securities are not that tight, that was why I was hacked. After the files on my storage got hijacked, I was asked to pay for the ransom and the hackers would give back all of the information that they stole. I had to go to the authorities to track down these people, and because I was hacked, they tried to extract the data about the whereabouts of the hackers. I learned a very hard lesson because of this incident. Before, I would shrug off any offers about cyber security, seeing them as a liability for something that would never happen to me. But now, I am willing to invest just to protect my precious data. That is why I purchase the Rubica Security System in order for me not to be hacked again. Rubica is known for its extensive security, that even hackers would be having a difficult time accessing your system, that they will just leave you alone.