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Beneful Purina

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What To Know Before Submitting Your First Piece On Wikipedia

Submitting articles and information to Wikipedia may appear to be easy enough; however, as with any other source there are standards one must adhere to when submitting. Believe it or not, Wikipedia’s standards are unexpectedly high. Considering the incredible audience Wikipedia has this should be no surprise and is the most likely reason people wish to have their work published on the site.
First and foremost, one must create an account in order to publish a Wikipedia article on the site. Secondly, it is important for contributors to decide whether they want to publish an article or a page. The difference is fairly simple, an article is part of the main encyclopedia and an article is always considered to be a page of the website. On the other hand, not all pages of the website are considered to be articles. After one has decided what they will be writing it is necessary to decide whether that piece will be a discussion or talk, just know these terms mean exactly the same thing, people just often refer to them as one or the other. Similarly, in the Wikipedia world reference and citation are synonymous with one another.
Another important topic to familiarize oneself with prior to submitting to Wikipedia is their expectations in terms of grammar and syntax. Absolutely everything on the site is written in sentence case, even the titles. Also, both British and United States’ spellings are included throughout the site, whichever company is more directly linked to a particular topic is the version used.
While these are only a few of the bits and pieces necessary to know when developing a Wikipedia piece, they are definitely the most fundamental. Any contributor will want to familiarize themselves with these terms, standards, and guidelines prior to submission.

5G Connection to Debut at 2018 Winter Olympics

Technological accomplishments get celebrated all the time. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, and sometimes it movies at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. While many tech industry breakthroughs are thought to belong to the United States, one very big development will be making a high profile debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

According to Android Community, KT Corp will be debuting the world’s first 5G wireless network connection capable of giving users access to data speeds of around 20 GBps. The breakthrough in South Korea should draw plenty of jaw dropping results from folks able to download entire movies in about ten seconds. With so much focus in the United States on 4G connection speeds, there has been little discussion from any of the major providers about upgrading the existing network let alone an actual debut of the technology.

Brad Reifler knows that the 5G revolution is still a few years away, but consumers will eventually receive blazing fast internet connections wirelessly, which could spell trouble for traditional wired connections. With network performance set to increase dramatically over the course of the transition, the actual cost of any type of 5G network on a traditional data plan also needs to be worked out. After all, companies are not going to simply give customers access to all that data and speed without having them subsidize the price in some way. Still, a lot of eyes will be on the technology in 2018.

Skout, a Dating App for Teens and Adults

Skout is a relatively new dating, flirting app that allows its users to see photos, chat with people both locally or afar. Teens can find a safe place within the app to chat with people, away from the adult section. One can choose to be notified of someone in their area, which is a bonus for someone wanting to meet up in person.

This app has a bit of Facebook social feel to it and like most apps, there are in app purchase options. The average star rating is a good 4.5. The reviews state that it is easy and fun to use. A person can chat with others, just for fun or send flirty comments. If you want to chat with a random person, rather than searching for them, just shake your device.

One thing this site does not allow is nudity and bathroom selfies, according to NY Daily News With well over a million downloads, this restriction does not seem to bother people at all and may be a welcome restriction. The owners of Skout felt that all the nudity and bathroom selfies caused a drop in ratings. Considering the high ratings of this app, that seems to be correct.

The goal of this app is not to be a platform for sharing inappropriate photos but one of chatting with others. It is not required to have an avatar so a user can stay anonymous while checking out the app before deciding if it is for them. Once a person is comfortable, adding an avatar is quick and easy.

According to Huffington Post, this app rates top on their list of dating apps and is fun for teens and adults alike. More about Skout can be found on their Twitter page. 

How These Modern Companies Are Changing The Way People Shop Through Image Recognition

Image recognition is certainly an exciting, new technology. Who would have thought 100 years ago that it would be possible to search for information based on nothing more than a photo? It is truly a remarkable, budding technology that will definitely impact the world in a drastic way. This developing technology was already impressive, but recently, it has become even more impressive. Through a research collaboration between Stanford University and Google, the new software can now describe everything going on in a picture, not just certain objects.

The team at Stanford and Google have been able to do this by writing algorithms that are able to explain what is happening in the pictures in a way that makes sense to everyone. This is done through image recognition technology and natural language processing. Though this new technology is certainly not perfect, and sometimes makes small errors, it is constantly improving and will surely improve greatly in the years to come.

Out of all of the image recognition companies there are, Slyce is the leading one in the image recognition industry. Slyce is truly changing the way that people shop. For instance, if a consumer snaps a photo of a handbag that they saw someone carrying on the street, links to buy that same product would be instantly pulled up. Also, photos of products can now be easily found on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The same can be done with print materials and billboards. On Slyce, users can search for any products from fashion to home decor.

Most recently, the popular music discovery app, Shazam, has implemented image recognition as well. They are introducing a new feature of the app that will allow users to scan images through their smartphones with the Shazam logo. The logos will be found on print media, posters, and packaged goods. Shazam understands that on average, most people use less than 25 apps every month, and that they are not interested in downloading new apps. Because Shazam already has such a large following, they believe that they are given an advantage over similar companies. Shazam’s chief executive, Rich Riley, believes that most people do not care enough about new apps to download them, and that is Shazam’s unfair advantage against competitors. Currently, Shazam has already secured deals with a number of other companies including Target, Levi’s, and Disney.

Truly, image recognition is an exciting new technology that still has a lot of improvements to make, but it is already beginning to the change the world in an innovative and productive way. As time passes, it will only become more advanced and extraordinary.

Wine and dine with Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company, AWC, is a London based wine merchant that focuses in the finest and rarest wine. The company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams and currently serves more than 20,000 clients distributed globally in 70 countries. Since its inception, AWC has focused in superbly fine wine and boasts over 10,000 bottles of the finest wine in the world in its vintage reserves. It has diverse services in the wine industry including private wine master classes, sourcing rare wines and cellar planning.

The company buys wine from suppliers all over Europe in order to ensure constant supply for its clients. This could come from private vendors, directly from wineries, and other sources all year round. Whilst determining the exact age of wine is extremely difficult for an individual buyer, our company has complex means in which we determine how old a wine is in order to offer the best to our clients.

Antique Wine Company has been so exceptional in the wine industry that they hold the record for the most prized bottle of white wine to have ever been sold in the world. It was an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem that was sold for an overwhelming price of £75,000. Stephen Williams attributes his success in the industry to determination and hard work saying he needed to change from selling the life insurance on commission to doing something that will see him receive constant customers. The determination has paid off as his company expects a turnover of more than £20m this year.

However though, The Antique Wine Company has different means in which a customer is advised to determine if a particular bottle of wine is aged or not. They also put emphasis on the fact that not all wine needs an ageing process to be fine.

Characteristically, a younger wine appears to have a purple-ish red appearance. This is a reflection of the color and types of fruits used to make the wine. Whenever you see a ruby or garnet colored red, this is a sign indicating the wine has aged significantly with the process likely having taken a couple of years and it represents the peak of maturity for any wine meaning the flavors are at their greatest.

In other cases, the wine may look red brown indicating it has already reached its maturity and probably it is starting to edge back. This does not always mean the flavor is lost or is unhealthy to drink; it only represents a period of time when the wine has already hit its peak in flavor representing the best aged wine when looking for the most aged.