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Looking for Fruity Lip Balm with Added Sunscreen?

In the hot summer months, you apply sunscreen to just about every part of your body–except your lips. But did you know that your lips are just as susceptible to sun damage as any other part of your body? Investing in a lip balm product with added SPF protection is a great way to keep your lips safe and moisturized during the summer. EOS, one of the world’s leading lip balm brands, offers a line of Active Protection products that keep you protected while nourishing and moisturizing your lips.

Need some Extra SPF?

If you’re looking for extra SPF protection, EOS lip balm SPF line comes into two different flavors: lemon twist and grapefruit. The lemon twist flavor is fresh and zesty as a lemon peel, with SPF 15 protection. The grapefruit flavor comes with the added bonus of SPF 30, along with the fresh, juicy flavor of a summer melon. Both flavors are cool and refreshing–the perfect flavor for a hot summer’s day.

If you’re interested in buying EOS products, you can make a purchase at the official website ( or locate the products at an official retailer like Well store. With a wide range of flavors from fruity to refreshing to sweet, you’re sure to find something that makes your summer perfect.

For more information visit the EOS Facebook page.

Handy Has Many Professional Workers To Complete Many Home Services

Although there are many services that clean homes, services that go beyond just cleaning a home are ones that are in high demand, such as Homejoy Inc. Even though Homejoy Inc. knew the type of business they were getting into and expected it to be successful, they lost out because they are now filing for bankruptcy, despite getting $38 million in funding for their startup. Homejoy Inc. announced in the recent past that they would be closing their business, but filing for bankruptcy has finalized everything. Unfortunately, Homejoy Inc. suffered from some of the rules and regulations in the countries that they established their business, which required them to consider their workers as employees. Although Homejoy Inc. has gone under, businesses like Handy have thrived.

The reason why Handy has become so successful compared to Homejoy Inc. is because of the fact that they do many different services, other than cleaning. Persons who need their homes painted, furniture assembled, vacuuming, cleaning, and repair services can call Handy and schedule the services to be completed as soon as the very next day. With on-demand services that are located in many different cities, it’s no wonder why Handy is doing so well. Handy also works with only the best and most professional workers, meaning that the customers will benefit knowing that they have someone who is certified to do the work they are paid for.

It’s possible to do a consultation before having any work performed in the home, and all the person needs to do is go to the Handy’s Facebook to get additional information. Once the work is scheduled, then the person scheduling the work will know when the workers are coming, what kind of work will be done, and how much the work will cost. Those who choose to work with Handy will get the best possible services as well as the best workers, so they’ll know that everything they want to have completed will be done to the best of the workers’ ability. With competitive prices and excellent service, Handy is pushing forward as one of the best home service companies out there today.

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The Rise of Visual Effects in Film

If you look back on the history of filmmaking one progression will stand out more than anything else you will see in the industry. We are not talking about the evolution of the camera, though it has been impressive, or even the progression of the lighting and sound recording ability. No, we are talking about how visual effects have grown and molded the very life of film and television. With cutting edge technology we are now able to see new worlds come to life before our very eyes in ways that were not even possible before. While CGI might get a bad rep from vocal fans of oldschool filmmaking we have to realize that it is here to stay. Let’s take a look at a few moments where visual effects truly rocked our world.

‘District 9’ and the low budget CGI.
District 9 came out back in 2009 with South African director Neill Blomkamp at the helm. Blomkamp at the time was a non entity in the world of movies but he had been drumming up some interest as a potential candidate to direct the live action Halo film. That never came to fruition and Peter Jackson, who was producing the aforementioned video game film, instead backed Blomkamp as he went to work on ‘District 9’. The film showcased gorgeous aliens, called Prawns, and over 311 visual effect shots done by Weta Workshop. With a budget of only $30 million, ‘District 9’ showed that big F/X were becoming budget friendly.

‘Inception’ changes our view on dreams.
In 2010 Christopher Nolan stole our hearts forever with his trippy story on dreams and the dreams inside of them with ‘Inception’. The film featured Leonardo Dicaprio and a then relatively unknown Tom Hardy and focused on the traditional ‘heist film’ in a whole new way. That twist on the genre was represented by their ability to control dreams, bending them to their own will. There is a particularly trippy scene developed by the VFX team Double Negative which showcases a city folding in on itself, wowing the audience completely. It took Double Negative thousands of pictures and weeks of effort to get the single shot.

While the two sequences we mentioned above are mega popular examples, there have been VFX teams working quietly behind the scenes for years getting things done. John Textor, former CEO of Digital Domain, knows a thing or two about the industry. His work with Digital Domain created some of the finest VFX and CGI work that we have ever seen on films such as: ‘Benjamin Button’, ‘Transformers’, and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End’. Now Textor is revitalizing the industry with Pulse Evolution, creating computer generated VFX according to Yahoo Finance.

FreedomPop Gives People A Chance To Save Real Money on Cellular Service

iPhone 6 was just released this past year and sales went through the roof. It seems these days’ people are willing to pay the same for the phone as my parents did for their first car. The phone is so big and has such power that I never thought I would see in a cell phone. My mom can barely use the thing. It’s sure she won’t lose it, and if she needs a flashlight on a dark night it can act as one of those too. She paid $700 for the phone and swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I have never hopped on the Apple Cell phone frenzy; I prefer my refurbished phone that I paid $60 from eBay for.

However, I recently switched to Straight Talk because I was tired of paying all the big prices for cell phones. When I left Sprint, my program where I got a free phone every year was discontinued. I was asked to pay a monthly premium each month for my phone. I had 4 phones at nearly $20 a month and you do the math. Just for the phones it was $80. I had to add on the service plan. The plan included things like unlimited talk, text and data. My cell phones were costing me nearly $275 per month and I was replacing them quicker than I could count. Straight Talk is one of those companies that allow you to have everything for one low price. Now, I pay $45 per month per line. So the savings is drastic each month.

There are many people who don’t need an unlimited data, texting and minutes plan. My father’s phone only uses maybe 150 minutes per month. He calls my mom on his way home and for a pizza on occasion. I was excited reading about FreedomPop and their new expansion plan that will give service all over the country. Currently, they offer 200 free minutes per month. They give users texting too. A plan like this is perfect for my dad. He doesn’t need to pay even the flat rate fee of $45 a month, he just doesn’t use it.

FreedomPop doesn’t have to pay for lines and have a ton of overhead. I was afraid that they would lack in quality. Actually, they use all the big carriers’ lines. He won’t have to worry about cruddy service and cheap phones. He can bring his phone from Sprint right along with him. Though this company is only been around for a year and a half, I believe there are big things for their future. They just signed a $30 million dollar deal to branch out. For people like me who use a great deal of cell phone service each month, they do offer the ability to buy extra minutes as an affordable price. I will be one of the ones watching for when FreedomPop makes the leap out of the West and over to the East Coast.

Folks in England have received word that this company is heading in their direction. They are just as excited about the savings as we are here in the States.

What To Know Before Submitting Your First Piece On Wikipedia

Submitting articles and information to Wikipedia may appear to be easy enough; however, as with any other source there are standards one must adhere to when submitting. Believe it or not, Wikipedia’s standards are unexpectedly high. Considering the incredible audience Wikipedia has this should be no surprise and is the most likely reason people wish to have their work published on the site.
First and foremost, one must create an account in order to publish a Wikipedia article on the site. Secondly, it is important for contributors to decide whether they want to publish an article or a page. The difference is fairly simple, an article is part of the main encyclopedia and an article is always considered to be a page of the website. On the other hand, not all pages of the website are considered to be articles. After one has decided what they will be writing it is necessary to decide whether that piece will be a discussion or talk, just know these terms mean exactly the same thing, people just often refer to them as one or the other. Similarly, in the Wikipedia world reference and citation are synonymous with one another.
Another important topic to familiarize oneself with prior to submitting to Wikipedia is their expectations in terms of grammar and syntax. Absolutely everything on the site is written in sentence case, even the titles. Also, both British and United States’ spellings are included throughout the site, whichever company is more directly linked to a particular topic is the version used.
While these are only a few of the bits and pieces necessary to know when developing a Wikipedia piece, they are definitely the most fundamental. Any contributor will want to familiarize themselves with these terms, standards, and guidelines prior to submission.

Use Your Eyes To Do Your Search

It is awesome to know that a person can do a search for their favorite items without having to even type in one word. Many people may have not heard of visual searches, but they are definitely the new way of doing searches that will soon be talked about all around the world. When it comes to doing a search for any item in particular, it can be difficult for a person to find exactly what they are looking for. A person may have found a pair of shoes that they like in a store, or a bracelet that they thought was nice, or they may have found a luxury chair that they would love to purchase, but they may not be able to find it right away by typing the information in using the common search methods.

A person may type in a few words in order to help the search engine find exactly what they are looking for, but in the end it might not be enough. They may have to page through quite a few pages of useless information until they can actually find the item that they are looking for. That is a waste of a person’s time, and it is also very annoying. It is great to know now that with visual search technology, a person no longer has to do any of those things. All that a person has to have is their electronic device, and a picture of the item that they desire.

A visual search is a way to find an item using an application, and an electronic device. When a person sees an item that they are interested in purchasing, all that they have to do is take a picture of that item and within no time the application will bring the item right up on the screen for their information. They can read all about the item and they have chosen and they can purchase that item. The persons information is all in the application already, so with a click of a button, the item is delivered to their home.

Slyce is the leading company when it comes to visual technology and visual search. They realize that a person wants to be able to get the item that they like without all of the fuss. They have made their Slyce application simple and fun to use. With just a few clicks of a button a person can have the item that they want right before their very eyes, and they can choose to make the purchase or not. The makers of Slyce realize the power of the eyes, and now they are helping each and every individual using their application to use that power to their advantage. It is great to know that a person no longer has to look through search engines and waste their time, with a visual search they can get the item that they want when they want it.