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ClassDojo Is The Solution To The Communication Gap Between Teachers and Parents

When Sam Chaudhary founded ClassDojo, he did not expect it to experience the embracement that it has received. From the very beginning, ClassDojo has attracted the interest and support from investors, teachers and schools. In fact, 2 in 3 schools in the nation utilize this educational app. 90% of the school districts located in over 180 countries also employee the app in their educational programs. Additionally, at the end of the summer last year doing the back-to-school season, more than 500 unique users downloaded the app each day. Acquiring that many downloads each day is record-breaking, beating outs globally popular apps such as Yelp and Tinder.

Chaudhary traveled to California on a tourist visa and conducted interviews in order to determine what teachers considered the worst part of teaching. This continued for 90 days until he returned home and began compiling his research in order to develop a startup company that would improve the level of communication between teachers and parents while creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. He partnered with his cofounder, Liam Don, and together they developed the perfect solution: ClassDojo.

ClassDojo has attracted a total amount of $31.1 million in funding. At the seed funding stage, ClassDojo was able to raise $1.6 million. During the first round of venture funding it attracted $8.5 million in funding with the remaining $21 million raised during the second round of venture funding to use later. Investors were highly impressed with the quality of the act as well as the power behind its capabilities. Investor were confident in ClassDojo becoming successful, in which case they underestimated just how successful it would be.

ClassDojo is a revolutionary educational communication platform that serves as a ground-up change for most school systems. The problem that most teachers find extremely frustrating is the lack of communication between them and parents, and the lack of involvement of the parents and classroom activities. Without a way to establish a consistent level of communication with the parents and encourage involvement, the success of the students relied on the teachers efforts and abilities alone.

The educational app encourages and empowers teachers, students and parents in various ways. Teachers are able to provide feedback to both the students and the parents about daily classroom activities. Students are able to benefit from their parents involvements and interaction with the teacher. Parents are able to monitor their child’s progress in small increments while remaining informed about their child’s performance in the classroom. By closing the communication gaps and introducing new methods of encouragement, Classdojo has successfully transformed schools into communities that are supportive and well connected.