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PULSE Evolution to go Public and Aims High

Pulse Evolution Corporation announced their plan to go public and be listed on the national stock exchange. The company is known for the production of hyper-realistic digital humans, most notably in the likeness of Michael Jackson and Tupac. The company reported their second quarter’s operating expenses for the three and six month periods, totaling $3,452,673 and $7,024,761. Although seemingly high, a large portion of these expenses are contributing to the production of digital assets for future use in the technological and entertainment industries. The company also develops software and strategies to further project their assets into the virtual reality and artificial intelligence fields. says that net loss for shareholders during these periods were $3,292,373 ($0.03 per share) and $6,511,536 ($0.05 per share).

Pulse is acknowledged for its innovation in creating photo realistic digital humans, featured in works such as “Benjamin Button” and “Jack the Giant Slayer”. They are also recognized for their work on digital human performances. The 2014 Billboard Music Awards featured a live performance of a digital human in the likeness of Michael Jackson. In 2012, during the Coachella Music Festival, they made headlines when their rendering of a virtual Tupac took the stage and performed along side Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. The company believes their future digital humans will provide engaging human interfaces for applications, classrooms and wearable augmented reality glasses. The company strives to make digital humans present in society, and bring a human form to otherwise digital mediums.

Executive Chairman John Textor stated he was “extremely pleased” with the outcomes of Pulse from their early development stages and with the direction the company is taking. Textor believes the next steps for the company are to further advance the use of digital humans. They will continue to produce them for use in education, entertainment and telecommunication. Due to dedicated and strategic investors, Textor considers the company “to be a leading developer of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.” Textor also believes the company is ready to be “recognized on a national exchange” and he “looks forward to the next stage of development.”