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Striking Gold in Turkey

With a company that already spans over 35 countries, Bernardo Chua founder and CEO of Organo Gold excitedly tells of his latest endeavor to expand into Turkey. It is a conquest that Bernardo Chua has been waiting for, as the center of exotic and delicious coffee since the 15th century Turkey offers a unique foothold into various surrounding countries allowing more ease of access in distribution to thirsty customers. Organo Gold will debut a product line featuring many of their well known products including gourmet black coffee, gourmet hot chocolate, gourmet mocha, gourmet latte as well as their much loved espresso line. With modern society suddenly more conscientious about eating more nutritious foods, Organo Gold plans to provide signature coffee for those with healthy active lifestyles.

CrunchBase tells us Bernardo Chua started his company back in the Philippines where he was raised with a keen knowledge of ganoderma passed down to him through his Chinese heritage. Though very few would look at mushrooms and consider them useful for coffee or tea, the health benefits of Ganoderma Lucidium has long been lauded by holistic Chinese medicine for centuries, and was even vouched for by the Ming Dynasty’s most famous doctor Shi-Jean Lee. After being motivated by Facebook followers, Bernardo Chua decided to take his knowledge of ganoderma and make it global, a dream we see coming to fruition, so to give consumers a more healthy option. After successfully opening branches in Hong Kong and Canada, Chua made the move to California where he found success as the president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

Bernardo Chua has not only proved himself a capable businessman, but he is also the recipient of many prestigious awards. Most importantly he received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry, given only to those considered World-class Filipino achievers. Along with the National Shoppers Choice Award, Chua has been recognized five separate times with the Direct Sales Company of the Year Award. Pouring funding into researching new and better ways to market ganoderma as well as ways to provide quality product without the high price tag, Bernardo Chua has his eyes firmly set on a future with his company as the leading food brand for a health conscious market.  BusinessForHome makes it clear that he’s well on his way.

For more background on what Bernardo Chua is trying to accomplish, check out GoLifePro’s article on the subject.  Otherwise, you can hear from the man himself, Mr. Chua, on YouTube.