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Cloud Creation

Our best and brightest get into Ivy League universities in this country. Although Ivy League refers to a collegiate athletic conference, it does double-duty as a way to refer to the top eight universities in the country. More to this point, not too many people consider those that go to these schools to be humanitarians, and they are hardly regarded as being altruistic. Every now and again, however, some make it through the system with empathy intact. Eric Pulier, the former Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), might be just one of those special philanthropic people who has great regard for betterment of the lives of his fellow man. 

His first solo venture after graduating from Harvard was starting People Doing Things (PDT), a company that leverages technology to address healthcare, education and other issues. Eric Pulier also was instrumental in getting Starbright World, a sort of Facebook for children who are chronically ill, started. X-Prize Foundation, which sponsors competitions to solve some of humanities greatest challenges, are lucky to have Mr. Pulier on the innovation board. He is also the co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc., a cloud management platform company, which he has a lot of experience with from his time at CSC. 

At CSC, Mr. Pulier directed their creation and delivery of cloud offerings, helping clients of CSC increase productivity and lower costs. CSC is a worldwide leader in providing business with technology-based solutions and services. In the years Mr. Pulier was with CSC, they saw an appreciable increase in their stock valuation, and a refined and superior cloud services platform. CSC has long been in the business of helping companies solve big challenges from their headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. It all started over 55 years ago, when 2 men, Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, pulled together $100 to finance their dream. Such was the genesis of CSC. One of their first major contracts was with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1961, and they have never looked back. In 1964 they became the first publicly traded software company in the United States, their stock has been trading for over 50 years now.

As young analysts working in the aeronautics field, Nutt and Jones created CSC based on providing computer manufacturers with programs meant to increase productivity. During those first 4 years CSC was in business, these innovators wrote software for every major U.S. computer manufacturer. Eventually they would become one of the largest computer services companies, with the United States federal government being their largest client. As the internet became omnipresent, all of the professional relationships CSC had already established simply became stronger. The new frontier would become IT management, securing systems from virus attacks and now delivering cloud services to their global clients. For lack of better words, CSC is here to stay. and the cloud that Mr. Pulier worked so diligently on developing and perfecting, will likely secure CSC’s future through to the next century.