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ClassDojo Improved Sharing of Data

ClassDojo is easy to utilize. You set up a class, or classes. Each class has symbols doled out for each of your understudies. Once your class is set up, you can grant focuses, warmly known as “dojos” in my classroom, for positive or negative conduct. You can grant individual or different understudies.

ClassDojo consequently monitors the conduct in your classroom by following the practices that were clicked. You can set it up to make reports that are messaged to the guardians. Guardians can interface through printed or messaged welcomes. When they interface, they get an email each Friday reminding them to see their tyke’s reports. The guardians of my understudies appreciate accepting the reports since it keeps them on top of it.

The reports are anything but difficult to peruse. You can set the range, day by day or week by week, that you need to see. The data is given in a doughnut that demonstrates the level of clicked practices and underneath a composed variant of the information for every day. This information would all be able to be collected into end-of-year reports.

ClassDojo as of late included Trendspotter, which enables the instructor to search for patterns in understudy conduct. This is an awesome approach to think about what is or is not working in your classrooms. For instance, you may see that on Fridays you have the best measure of negative focuses. You can utilize this information to ponder why Fridays appear to be troublesome, what you can do to transform it, and utilize information from Trendspotter to check whether your techniques worked.

Understudies likewise approach their information on the off chance that you give them accounts. Print their login codes, and let them sign in. They can alter their symbols, which they adore, and monitor their dojo focuses notwithstanding when they’re not in school.


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