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Louis Chenevert and the Highlights of His Professional Career

Louis Chenevert was the CEO and Chairman of the United Technologies Corporation. He was selected by the company to serve as its Chairman in January 2010 as well as its President and CEO in April 2008. He occupied both positions till his retirement in November 2014. Prior to his employment with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert was Pratt and Whitney’s President since April 1999 to March 2006.

Chenevert worked at General Motors for 14 years before he was tapped by United Technologies Corporation, where he was the Production General Manager of the St. Therese operation of General Motors.

The professional life of Louis Chenevert saw his progress among prominent companies like Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division (Senior Industry Advisor from 2015 to 2017); member of the US-India CEO Forum and Business Council; Cargill Inc. (Board of Directors since 2011), Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation (Chairman – 2017); Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board (Chairman); American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Fellow – 2005).

Louis Chenevert has an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Montreal, which he received in 2011. He finished his Commerce Degree in Production Management at the Universite de Montreal, Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC).

According to Chenevert the worst job he ever had was when he was a first line supervisor at General Motors. He describes the job responsibilities to be quite hard, but he said that this is where he understood the power people have and their interest in making appropriate changes if the management would only give them the time and listen. He saw that the workers know how to solve issues related to productivity.

Louis Chenevert commented that as an entrepreneur, the one thing that he would do over and over again, which he would likewise recommend others to do is to form the right team to be able to surmount obstacles; appreciate and inspire the team on a regular basis; and go the extra mile to please customers. Also be sure that risk taking is given its proper dues.

Why Shaygan Kheradpir Is The Best CEO To Run Coriant

Shaygan Khedrapir is the current Chief Executive Officer as well as Board Chairman of Coriant, a company that is well known as a reliable supplier of innovative networking solutions to the biggest network operators in not less than 100 countries. His name is not new in the technology and business circles. He has more than 28 years experience as an executive leader across technology, telecom and financial services.

He started his career at GTE Corporation and within some time, he was also appointed the Chief Information Officer at Verizon. Accepting his recent role in Coriant, he said he was deeply humbled and said that he would give all his best in serving the company. The company’s top management was also happy with his acceptance and said that they were hoping that with his unique abilities and leadership experience, the company would be able to make bigger and better strides in matters related to penetrating the markets better.

Currently, Coriant is trying to establish itself better in a market with similarly big competitors. The company’s management is however hoping that with Shaygan Kheradpir, that can be achieved. Going by his impressive track record, they can only hope that he will copy paste his strategies and provide similar if not better results.

Being a man loaded with a lot of industry experience, he is the best suited person to run an optical systems vendor. He has also the best certifications having a degree, master’s and doctorate from Cornell University in electrical engineering. While at Verizon, he played a very integral role in creating efficiency, modernization as well as innovation strategies. He was responsible for overseeing FiOS, one of the largest infrastructure programs in the United States that had a capital investment worth over $20 billion.

He also joined Barclays in the role of Chief Technology and Operations Officer and also served in the company’s Executive Board. In fact, he made history as being the first technology executive to serve in the board. While at the bank, he played a very integral role in creating the bank’s TRANFORM program that was very historical in the way it offered its services in not less than 50 countries with not less than 150,000 employees.

He would later proceed to join Juniper Networks in the role of Chief Executive Officer and developed an Integrated Operating Plan that had a very strong emphasis on the growth and execution of a better and bigger market share.

Susan McGalla Continues to Make Her Mark

Susan McGalla has become someone that is able to move beyond the glass ceiling that has trapped a lot of women in the corporate world. She is no stranger to hard work. She has built a reputation in the industry that has allowed her to move to the top when it comes to leading. She has this bold presence that has allowed her to turn companies around.

In her time with American Eagle she managed to turn the organization around in a short time frame. Over the years she would rise in rank and become the CEO of American Eagle during a time where people were not particularly interested in this brand. She would turn the company around and make this organization profitable. She would become so popular here that the investors would cringe when she decided to step down. This is the power of an excellent CEO. She would move on from there to work as the CEO for Wet Seal. From this point she would branch out and start her own company. This is the power of a wonderful marketing specialist.

Susan McGalla has a degree in marketing. She has used this wisely over the years because she has been able to develop a reputation in the industry that makes her one of the sought after leaders. There are a lot of people that can learn from what Susan McGalla has to offer. She is a seasoned marketing professional. She has the experience that has allowed her to recover even in times of crisis. That may be the best possible thing about hearing Susan McGalla speak. She can tell listeners about those times that were not so great. She can also tell listeners how to overcome one obstacle and move on to something greater.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in the marketing industry. There is book knowledge, but there is something completely different when one considers the wisdom of those that have worked in this industry. That is what Susan McGalla brings to the table. She is an industry veteran that has managed to bring forth the knowledge of her experiences. She always talks about higher education. She gives women this tidbit of information when it comes to excelling in the business world. McGalla has made it known that this is the first essential step to becoming a force in the corporate industry.

Sometimes there are people that do not know much about the corporate world that step into this type of business. They may not have the necessary tools that they need to survive. This may be the best reason for these people to listen to Susan McGalla speak. She has the ability to provide new employees with the knowledge to survive in the business world. McGalla climbed the corporate ladder and managed to give her insights on the view from the top. That is a very valuable insight. People that want to make it in corporate American should heed her career advice.

Doe Deere Wanted To Do Something Big So She Did

Doe Deere never wanted to look quite the same as everyone else, and so she has always been one to put on a bold look. Whether she has had her hair dyed a strange color, has had glittery makeup on, or has colored her lips with a dark lipstick, she has always been doing something different than what was expected. And when she started posting her looks online girls started to take notice of her and the things that she was doing. Girls started to appreciate all that she had done with her look, and they were excited when she announced that she was coming out with her own makeup brand.
Doe Deere took inspiration from the colors that she loved and the things that she liked to do with her makeup, and she made her makeup brand a huge success. She did all of the things that she loved, and that is what has driven her to have so much success with her brand.
It is important that every girl always be doing the things that she loves with her life, and nothing less, and that is what Doe Deere has always encouraged others on to do with their makeup. She feels that makeup should be all about each individual’s personal preferences, and nothing else, and she wants every girl to go ahead and be unique with her look. And, with the items that are offered from Doe Deere’s brand, they can easily do that.
Doe Deere has never been afraid of having a look that is all her own, and she has spent a good amount of time encouraging others to do the same. She wants every girl to feel beautiful while being herself. She has created a makeup brand that helps girls to stand out, and she is proud of what she has done with it.
Never once in Doe Deere’s life has she wanted her life to be just like someone else’s, and never has she wanted her look to be that way, either. Instead of blending in she has always made it a point to stand out, and by standing out she has been able to have a career that many have been envious of. The way that she does things in her life has always been bold, and she is a woman that everyone should consider when they are thinking of someone who has taken their life into their own hands and made it into something big.