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Queens Of Drama Shines A Light On The World Of Soap Operas

American television is changing and by all accounts that is a good thing. Due to the apparent stagnation of creativity in a film industry that seems to be focused on producing as many Blockbuster sequels as it can, directing and acting talent from the movie world have found their way onto the small screen. This influx of film talent coupled with television’s ability to allow the folks who are behind the scenes to tell stories that are more subtle than your average comic book movie has ushered in a tv renaissance.

That renaissance has given us shows like the carefully crafted and slow moving drama Mad Men, the zombie apocalypse thriller The Walking Dead and the HBO mystery drama that helped launched the second act of Oscar-winning actor Matthew McCoughney, True Detective. The renaissance also extends to networks like ABC where pop cultural phenomenons like Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder reside.

But television’s renaissance seems to skipped over one genre of television that has long been a staple of American audiences’ viewing habits: soap operas. According to the 2015 preview of Queens Of Drama, there are only four soap operas left on television. While comedies and shows inspired by comic books are able to attract support from entities like Netflix, soap operas seem to be getting overlooked. Solving the soap opera problem is exactly what the soap stars who came together for the 2015 reality TV show Queens Of Drama sought to do. The show brought together soap actresses Crystal Hunt, Donna Mills, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Lyndsay Hartley and Vanessa Marcil and followed their journey to co-produce a soap opera.

While on the show actress, via her official Facebook page Crystal Hunt expressed her desire to work with a team of women to produce a soap opera show. She acknowledged however that having a group of women with strong personalities could present some challenges for the team. According to an interview online, Crystal and Lyndsay’s relationship proved to be an engaging storyline on the show. Chrystee is said to have acted a force that helped balance out some of the tension that was broiling between castmates.

In addition to being on Queens of Drama, Crystal Hunt has enjoyed a successful career as a soap star. She has had roles on shows like General Hospital, One Life To Live and Guiding Light. She also recently starred in the 2015 hit movie Magic Mike XXL. According to SoapOperaNetwork Hunt played a character named Lauren in the comedy that followed a group of male-strippers on their last hurrah before leaving the business of exotic dancing for good.  Crystal’s highlight reel is perfect to get a taste of her acting ability.  You can see the reel on YouTube.