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Robots May Replace Car Salesmen Bartenders And Librarians In The Future

A New Report By Nesta And Oxford University Academics Claims That Jobs That Score Low In Creativity Could be Done By Computers
Computer robots will perform jobs that don’t require much creativity according to a new study done by a London-based non-profit research firm. The workforce will become more automated in the future. According to the study, only 21 percent of the over 700 occupations in the US are considered highly creative.

That means unemployment rates could hit an all-time high unless we get creative and create other highly creative jobs. The age of the robots is upon us, and they can be programmed to do jobs like office administrators, miners, car salesmen, loggers, criop farmers and librarians.

If the study is correct, we will need to restructure our labor market and quickly if you ask Kevin Seawright. No one will deny that there are several flaws in our method of creating new jobs that pay people for their creativity. Robot workers are not a bad addition even though workers will lose their jobs. Robots can perform more efficiently than people. That means productivity goes up and costs go down. Some workers already know how it feels to be replaced by a robot or a computer, so the future is here for them. But according to the Nesta report this is only the beginning of the future robot job takeover.

Uber Drivers Make an Average of $31 an Hour

Uber, the budget taxi company that utilizes an app to connect contract drivers with those needing rides, has been a hot button issue over the last 12 months. While many, more traditional, taxi companies have argued that Uber takes advantage of drivers, and also skirts the rules, insurance and legalities of the livery service, Uber has fired back.

The company insists that drivers make more than the living wage, and that the company is committed to allowing these contractors to operate in a manner that fits their lifestyle.

Uber has been quoted as saying most drivers make about $25 per hour. At $25 per hour, a driver working 40 hours a week would make upwards of $90K a year. Buzzfeed took Uber up on the challenge and took 11 rides with 11 drivers. Each of those drivers were asked for their paystubs. While not all were willing to comply, most agreed.

Buzzfeed found that drivers were making an average of about $31 per hour of work. They were working between 5 hours a week and 42 hours a week. Uber, which relies on contract drivers who use their own cars, do not pay for the maintenance, gas and insurance on those vehicle. Those necessities are considered the obligation of the driver, which Uber user Zeca Oliveira told me is some of their only necessities (they do not make drivers update their LinkedIn profiles).


Keyless Cars Meet Criminal Hackers

Who didn’t see the day coming when computer hacking was a threat against cars? Keyless cars are operated by a plastic fob that contains a computer chip and security code. It authorizes drivers to start their car when placed into a slot. Sometimes, it only has to be in a pocket or a purse as they come into close proximity with the car. These non-keys have been promoted as being more secure than traditional keys. Recent news has proved differently as car-owners come under attack by organized gangs armed with the right technology to trick the system.

These car thieves are buying blank fobs online and using the on-board computer system and a separate box to reprogram the fob, giving thieves a brand new non-key for a car that doesn’t belong to them. Some insurance companies are refusing to insure keyless cars due to the threat.

Ironically, cars with old-fashion key entries have been getting hard to steal for decades. Until extra security precautions for keyless cars are put into place, it might be safer to just keep the key. After his car was hacked, I’m sure my neighbor Fersen Lambranho can definitely attest to that.