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Deirdre Baggot is one of the widely known professors in the healthcare field. Ms. Baggot is vice president of the Camden Group and an expert in the sector of bundle payment where she was appointed as an expert in 2012. Before she joined the Camden Group Deirdre Baggot she served in the cardiac vascular institute. She played a big role in assisting the hospital to achieve the bid of Acute Care Episode which was only one out of four in the country.she shared her skill with other nations and organization internationally like The Governance Institute, American Organisation of Nurses, Healthcare advisory board and others. Ms. Baggot has worked for a decade in academic healthcare where she started in Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She is currently carrying out research on executive decision making and also healthcare payment. Additionally, Ms. Baggot is a national speaker and she is also an author where she has published 20 papers about bundle payment, health care changes development and other topics. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Ms. Baggot has achieved several degrees in her educational background. She has a title of bachelor of degree in nursing from Illinois University, certificate in Healthcare Executive Leadership from Wharton School in Philadelphia. She also holds a master degree in business administration from Loyola University, master degree in nursing from the University of Colorado. Deirdre Baggot has achieved the best results in this field of healthcare she has the experience of patient and quality to a higher level than it was this is known as model transformation she also plays a role of a guide and the bundled payment for care improvement initiative. New York Medicaid bundle payment pilots recognize her as their advisor. She has utilized her achievements in the job of the bundle of payments to develop this sector. Ms. Baggot is currently working in the board of Colorado Organization.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey With Bumble and Her Response

With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd has taken on something that has been long held as the norm. This is the unwritten rule that men have to be the initiators of dating. This is something that she wanted to challenge with her dating app Bumble. Bumble has taken the approach that has been known as the Sadie Hawkins approach which encourages women to take the lead in dating. Given that she has had her fair share of challenges in bringing her company to success, she has decided that she wants to help people in many different ways than just dating. She also wants to help with the business side of things.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has pointed out is that business owners and entrepreneurs want to meet with others so that they can achieve their goals. One thing that she wants to help people avoid is any negative exchanges. This idea has led to the creation of Bumble Bizz. One of the best things about Bumble Bizz is that it helps women set up a professional profile so that they can connect with one another and help each other with any projects that may be underway. With Bumble Bizz, women can meet their business goals and improve their lives in multiple ways.

Bizz is one of the ways that Whitney Wolfe Herd is empowering women. She wants them to be able to market in a way that does not involve being solicited. One thing that she has learned is that the world of business can be pretty cutthroat. An entrepreneur would have to be very aggressive in some way in order to reach their goals. Bumble Bizz makes it easier for them to find the right people to meet with and make plans.

Whitney Wolfe Herd describes herself as someone who wants to empower women. At the same time, she wants to reward men who are good. One of the best ways to help women and men develop a deeper conversation with one another is to get them to listen to one another. Also, men do need examples of good behavior so that they can see what women appreciate in and out of the dating world and more

Susan McGalla Guides Other Businesswomens’ Assent of the Corporate Ladder

There are multiple programs that exist to promote workplace gender diversity by helping women to succeed in the corporate world. These efforts involve networking between businesswomen and strategy sessions to help them devise a plan for building a successful business. Further, these programs enable businesswomen to learn from peers who work in the same field and educate women to read the current business climate.

As sincere as their efforts have been these programs have not managed to surmount the stumbling blocks that obstruct their success. In the global corporate world, females hold only one-quarter of the executive positions. For all the efforts to help women move up the world of business is still an “old boys’ club”.

As Susan McGalla see it, this lack of parity is proof that a different solution is needed. Ms. McGalla believes that corporate sponsorship holds the key to helping women compete on a leveler corporate playing field.

Corporate sponsorship works thusly, a businesswoman who is serious about climbing the corporate ladder would take the initiative and find an already accomplished executive who is willing to advocate for her. The sponsor would open doors for their sponsee by endorsing them for important assignments or securing them lead positions on projects.

McGalla offers one other piece of advice for women who aspire to corporate leadership positions. Don’t develop a sense of entitlement because of perceived gender bias in the workplace.

Susan McGalla knows something about how to end up on the other side of the glass ceiling. A 1986 graduate of Mount Union College McGalla holds a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in business and marketing. Working for Joseph Horne Company in marketing and management positions after earning her degree gave Susan McGalla her earliest experiences in the corporate world.

In 1994 McGalla went to work for American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer of women’s’ clothing. Over the course of 15 years, she advanced through the ranks of AEO’s management until achieving the position of Company CMO and President. Currently, McGalla is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Whitney Wolfe Resuscitates The Dating App Industry

Before Whitney Wolfe came along people may have said that the dating app industry was failing. It would take someone like Whitney Wolfe, a young woman that knew the dating app industry, to put things in proper perspective. She would be the one that would do the research and see what women wanted that was different than what they were used to. Now it appears that Whitney Wolfe is going to raise a new standard in the dating app world with her amazing app.

Whitney Wolfe may not have realized it at the time, but she was taking a huge leap forward by creating an app that would change the way that people engaged online.

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What Whitney Wolfe decided to do was put her app out there as one of the free apps that gave people a 24-hr window. This was intriguing to so many men that had previously signed up for apps where it would take weeks to get a response from someone. That was the problem with most apps. Dating apps were passive, and the indefinite waiting period was just too much for busy singles. Some people just wanted to find a love match early. They did not want to wait for weeks. That is why the Bumble dating app was such a hot topic. It would give people the chance to speed up the dating process. If they wanted to speed up the dating process than Bumble was the app that they would want to use. More Information Here.

Whitney Wolfe has shown people that she had something exciting to bring to the table. She was not developing a passive app. She was bringing in an app that demanded you to pay attention to who was sending messages. If you didn’t you could miss out on a potential love match.

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The Life and Career of Rona Borre.


          Rona Borre has lived in Chicago

Rona Borre has concentrated on the human capital industry since graduating from the university. Rona is the founder of the Instant Alliance. She serves as the president and chief executive officer of the firm. Her major responsibilities in these positions are to foster good relations with the firm’s clients and foresee the overall growth of the company. Rona Borre has lived in Chicago her entire life and says that real talent plays a major role in the success of any organization. Because of her good insight in the recruiting industry, she has appeared on several media platforms to discuss her views. Some of these media platforms include the US News, the Wallstreet Journal, and the Chicago Tribune. Rona’s opinions have also featured on the Sun-Times, Crain’s business and the Examiner.

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Rona Borre has won several awards for her prowess. Some of the awards that she has won include the Enterprising Woman of the Year in 2011 by the Women Magazine and the Influential Women in Business in 2009 by the Business Ledger. Some of the skills that Rona Borre has managed to acquire over the years include leadership, techni al recruitment, and management. Rona Borre holds a degree in marketing from the University of Arizona.  Check on


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Helane Morrison Set to Leave SEC at the End of the Month

Helane Morrison, a long-serving director of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)office in San Francisco is set to step down at the end of the month and take up a new job in a privately owned investment company. Morrison is set to join the Hall Capital Partners Firm in San Francisco as the general counsel and chief compliance officer. In a recent interview, she revealed that she is expected to join the firm after thanksgiving.



Morrison’s Time at the SEC



As the top official of SEC in Pacific Northwest and Northern California, she has caused several civil cases to be filed against some big corporations in this region for allegedly violating securities laws. Some of these cases involved Brocade Communications Systems (San Jose) executives for backdating stock options, a company purchased by McKesson Corp. (San Francisco pharmaceutical wholesaler) whose officials engaged in financial fraud and Franklin Resources (San Mateo mutual fund corporation) for improper trading. Helane Morrison stated that as she was starting on her job, a person had told her that SEC was known for instituting cases against unknown companies. Morrison in reply stated that nowadays they also bring in the big and significant cases too. Helane summed up by stating that she had enjoyed the time she spent at SEC and wanted to embark on a new challenge. {Read More}



About Helane Morrison



Helane Morrison is the current managing director, CCO and general counsel at Hall Capital Partners LLC and a member of the executive committee of the firm. Before she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007, she was heading the SEC office based in San Francisco (1999 – 2007). She had started off as the district administrator before becoming the regional director. Morrison was in charge of securities litigation, enforcement and regulation in Northern California and a further five states in the Northwest. She headed the enforcement division of SEC office in San Francisco from 1996 up to 1999. She used to represent SEC in financial, business and legal communities as well as with news media and various government agencies.



Prior to her stint at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, she used to practice law at a San Francisco-based law firm (Howard & Rabkin Advocates) from 1986 to 1996. Morrison made partner of the firm in 1991. Her legal practice focused on SEC matters, business litigation and private securities actions defense. She was also involved in conducting investigations on internal corporate matters. She holds a B.S. in Journalism (Northwestern University) and went on to receive a J.D. from the Berkeley School of Law, University of California.