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How Barbara Stokes Became A CEO

Barbara Stokes is a resident of Huntsville, Alabama. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Home Delivered (GSH) of Alabama, LLC, a position she attained in 2011. She has extensive experience in disaster relief construction contracting. It was in 2000 that she graduated from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, with a bachelor’s of science degree in biomedical/medical engineering. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

The company that Barbara Stokes leads is a construction company that works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to supply housing when a disaster strikes. Her company designs and builds mobile and modular buildings that can be both residential or commercial in nature. They then deliver these homes to where they are needed, or do on-site construction when that it called for. Her team at GSH of Alabama has more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

At GHS of Alabama, Barbara Stokes also has deep experience providing logistical solutions to other organizations. This includes both administration of the logistical services as well as warehousing solutions. Additionally, Stokes provides her clients with other services such as electronic maintenance records for fleet vehicles as well as records and management services for other organizations maintenance facilities.


Prior to her arrival at GSH of Alabama, Barbara Stokes worked for a few other organizations that also have government contracts. She worked at Pisces Corporation for a number of years, which is an electronic research and development firm headquartered in San Jose, California. She also worked for the aerospace giant Boeing. During her time working for these companies she developed a lot of experience handling government contracts. It was this experience in particular that qualified her to become the CEO of GHS Of Alabama.

Outside of her professional career Barbara Stokes enjoys volunteering her time for a number of charitable organizations located in and around Huntsville, Alabama. As she has three children she is also kept very busy attending to her family. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

James Dondero the great Analyst

James Dondero is the president and cofounder of Highland and Capital Management with over 30years of experience in equity and credit markets. Highland Capital Management has managed to offer numerous solutions and award-winning products for retail and institutional investors, under the keen supervision of Mr. Dondero. The management has approximately $13billion of assets including NexPoint Advisors ( NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund and closed-end fund), NexPoint Residential Trust (REIT) and NexPoint Capital (healthcare BDC). Read this article at

James Dondero’s career started, in 1994, after getting into the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. In the same year, he managed to graduate from the university of Virginia’s McIntire from the school if commerce. He got the highest honors despite doing dual majors in accounting and finance. Dondero also has a Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Dondera became a member of American Express in 1985 as Corporate Bond Analyst. Before leaving American Express, he was the Portfolio Manager for about $1billion. He then became the chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. Under his leadership, the affiliate managed to grow to $2billion in 1989.


Dondero chairs the board of NexPoint, NexBank, CSS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a member of the board MGM Studios and American Banknote. He supports many charity groups like Perot Museum of natural science, Snowball Express, SMU’s Tower Scholars program, Uplift education, Education is freedom and the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Donderos passion for a brighter tomorrow for all

James Dondero is passionate about improving Dallas. He has recently donated $1 million to help in rebuilding a Dallas zoo after an old hippo died. Thanks to these actions of philanthropy visitors to the zoo can view hippos dwelling within the highland which got named after Dondero’s investment firm. He runs a company that offers rewarding experiences to the residents of Dallas. Mr. Donderos did not want to grow a business for selfish reasons. He fully intends to support Dallas as he says his investment has a purpose in influencing the future positively. He is a living example of a hero. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Eli Gershkovitch’s Success In Developing Craft Beer In Canada

In Canada, consumption of alcohol generates over $9 billion in annual sales, with craft beer claiming a good share. The Canadian craft beer brands have continued to evolve from boring and watery to exciting and tasty brands. The award-winning Propeller IPA by Propeller Brewing Company is an example of innovative craft beers with toned down bitterness. The blueberry flavor of Pump House Blueberry Ale, a brand of the Pump House Brewery, does not compromise the taste of beer. St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, sweet and dark, is a perfect winter beer. Other notable Canadian craft beer brands are La Fin Du Monde, a spicy and fruity beverage and Party Animal, Lug Tread, Mad Tom IPA and Rye Pale Ale. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch, founder and CEO of Steamworks Group, is a passionate brewer whose love for craft beer is reflected in his unique brands. Eli emerged among the top contenders at the 2017 Open Beer Championship where Canadian craft beer performed impressively. A lawyer by profession, Eli’s career exposed him to the legal liquor business in Gastown. Eli Gershkovitch posits that when he decided to set up his own brewery in Gastown, he found it challenging since the approval board claimed that Gastown was not a residential town. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at

However, Eli Gershkovitch used his legal skill to finally obtain a license, thus opening his first small pub in Gastown. He named the pub Steamworks since the brewery uses steam energy. Eli Gershkovitch has transformed Steamworks’ flagship brew pub from 184 seats to 754 seats. In Vancouver, Eli has opened several bars and restaurants, including the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. Steamworks craft beers represent Vancouver’s culture, which has helped to increase the brewery’s popularity.

Eli Gershkovitch manages to create unique brands since he takes time to research before releasing a brand to the public. Steamworks offers a wide range of craft beers, including Steamworks Pale Ale, Flagship IPA and Lion’s Gate Lager. These brands are sold across Canada and in 14 countries in the United States. The brewpub’s popular pilsner has received the Best BC Craft Beer Awards twice while its pumpkin ale scooped a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013. Besides his involvement in liquor brewing, Eli Gershkovitch, who is also a qualified pilot, sponsors local events in Gastown.


The Grand Career and Life of Sheldon Lavin

In the world of business, there is nothing that feels amazing for any entrepreneur than achieving success in his or her career. As career experts would often say, there are only a few entrepreneurs in the game who are likely to hit their jackpot. Sheldon Lavin is among the few lucky entrepreneurs and whose career can be used to portray the real meaning of career success and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

Today, Sheldon Lavin serves as the CEO and Chairman to the board of directors of OSI Industries. His role and contributions to the company have considerably helped in setting it at a higher ground. Sheldon boasts of holding the best experience in the management game. The successful CEO began his career about four decades ago as an investor and an executive director in the banking sector and read full article.

Since the entry into the career world, Sheldon’s path has always remained on a course which is filled with more and more growth. Currently, OSI Industries has more than 20000, an assurance of its promising path with Sheldon on board. Sheldon portrays a handling each of the employees he comes across as a family member and this, greatly helps in building a solid and successful entity.

In a career, achieving one milestone after another is one opportunity that only a few CEOs manage to achieve. In the 1970s, the name Sheldon was already making headlines. During that period, Sheldon was involved with the Otto & Sons and significantly contributed in the setting of a global brand. The talented CEO was called upon by Otto & Sons with an offer which declined and opted to remain a consultant before becoming a partner in 1975 and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

With the new partnership and Sheldon on board, OSI was growing at an incredible rate. It is during Sheldon’s tenure that the company won business deal with McDonald’s. Sheldon and the two Otto brothers had a vision to bring the meat business to the world. As many would say, the common dream was with time gaining momentum. Over a short period, OSI Group had penetrated the North America and Europe before grabbing the attention of South America, Taiwan and his Linkedin.

Often, Sheldon Lavin is termed as the man with the key to OSI’s growth strategy. Today, OSI is commanding markets in China, Japan, India, South Africa, Australia, and the Philippines. Although many would suggest that Sheldon must have achieved his career milestone, be assured that much is yet to be achieved; the CEO is an enthusiast in everything that he does. Over and over again, Sheldon has been crowned with distinguished awards as an appreciation for his outward contributions to the business world. Not long ago, he was given a Global Visionary Award, an award that places him in a class higher than ordinary entrepreneurs and

The growth of startups in Switzerland under Mike Baur

The Swiss Startup Factory is an accelerator company for small startups started by Mike Baur in partnership with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. It was formed in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland with aim of assisting the young and beginner entrepreneurs to grow their ideas. Mike Baur serves as the managing partner of the company serving as the manager responsible for financial obligations in the company. He arranges issues of fundraising, mergers and acquisitions and any other financial matters that may arise. Thanks to Mike’s background in financial sector he has been able to make the company navigate around issues of finances with ease. In fact over the period the company has been existence, it has been able to achieve enormously.



Mike Baur started his career as a banker and a financial advisor working with major banks in Switzerland since he was the age of 19. This shows that his grasp of financial matters has been his thing from his early life. He has spent over 20years in the financial sector. During his tenure, he has risen through the ranks to become a reputable regional manager in Zurich. Before joining the banking sector Mike Baur was in college where he gained an education in the area of business administration, a finance major. He attended the University of Rochester and the University of Bern both in Switzerland.



Under his leadership, Swiss Startup Factory has been able to mentor and nurture technology innovators by turning their ideas into profit generating businesses. The company has an accelerator program that allows application twice every year. Those selected are taken through three months of mentoring by Mike Baur and other experts. Some of the areas covered under the program include IT, marketing, product development, and accessing corporate networks. Apart from the mentorship, startups are also provided with financing and office space to run their businesses before they go it alone.



Another important contribution of Mike Baur has been his ability to support the activities of the company by creating a link between the company and the corporate sector. One partnership that has seen the company run efficiently and effectively is the CTI partnership. CTI is a company that finances innovative companies in Switzerland. They look for companies that have a world changing impact and finance them. Mike has also seen another partnership with Fintech Fusion that role is to see Swiss Startup Factory serve its clients better. Mike Baur believes the start-up company has the ability to bring a change in the society by building successful companies that will help the country going forward.



Smart Technology – the Only Way into the Future as Explained by Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been an entrepreneur and a commentator in the latest technology trends. He is also a writer. In his recent writing, Hope termed internet of things like the new way of advancement. His articles talk and advise on the latest technology. Internet of things is the connected technology where several electronic devices can sync.

According to Jason Hope, internet of things can change the mode of operating businesses and is one big advancement in the technology industry. He further posited that the internet of things was the biggest investment that a company could have.

With the current technology trends, Hope explained that every company was to embrace the internet of things where all electronic devices would connect with each other. Hope has seen smart technology as the only way in future. He has predicted that the smart technology will not only be working with phones and computers but also in operations in our houses such as making coffee, turning on lights and other advancements. He predicts of a day when companies will be competing to manufacture smart gadgets that satisfy the technology needs of people and read full article.

Hope gave the advantage of embracing smart technology as its power to eliminate excess waste and making our lives safe. Hope explained that the Internet of things was not only benefiting urban areas, but also rural areas through GPS tracking, Emergency response, and in data collection and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the mobile technology since 2004. He is also a futurist who loves giving back to the society. After attending Arizona State University, he earned a degree in Finance and later an MBA from College’s W.P Carey School of business. Mr. Hope is the Director of Arizona Science Center and learn more about Jason.

Hope’s entry into the business world started off when he created a mobile communications company. He is also a bio-technologist that loves giving back to the society. He has been mentoring students in Scottsdale as well as spending time in developing grant programs to boost future entrepreneurs. Jason has interests in politics as well and his Website.

Due to his passion for technology, Jason Hope has several entrepreneurial pursuits in technology, and computer information systems industries.

Tim Armour thoughts on Warren Buffett Investment Advice

Warren Buffet, arguably American’s number one financial investor in a recent yearly shareholders letter shared some of his insights regarding mutual funds and clearly one man who seems not to be entirely in agreement with him is Tim Armour. Tim commentating Buffett’s letter seems to share a different opinion.

Warren Buffett argues that the ‘’ active versus passive’’ argument when it comes to mutual funding is misinformed and does not serve the interest of the investors. He further states that mutual funds provide a poor opportunity when it comes to long-term investments this because the funds will be subjected to excessive trading and huge management costs. Buffett also seeks to challenge the common notion that mutual funds are safe when it comes to retirement investment.

Inasmuch as Buffet is partly right with his observations, his strategies are entirely misplaced. Warren is a strong believer on rigorously scrutinizing a company before investing in them. While this strategy has been reasonable doubt been effective, they might have adversely affect the credibility of some mutual funds investment and hence the disagreement in strategies and learn more about Tim.

About Tim Armour

Currently Tim Armour is the Chairman of the Capital Group. This is one of the world’s largest investment funds and the home of all American investment when it comes to mutual fund. Tim is a man with a deep passion for mutual funds. Prior to joining Capital Group, he was Chairman to Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group’s management committee.

Tim enjoys over thirty years’ experience in matters mutual fund investment and always advices investors to invest in active investors for them to succeed and read full article.

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Nine9 – The Unagency that’s a Showcase for Your Talents

Nine9, the Unagency, immediately sets the stage using the adage “Got Talent?” Most musically inclined and artistic type people do not lack a sense of confidence in their abilities. However, communicating these talents to others can be difficult and immensely time-consuming. Nine9 takes talented, creative people, and shows them how to promote themselves to the right people in all the right places. In fact, Nine9 does all the footwork for models, musicians and actors, so they can continue to perfect their talents, no longer having to worry about the chore self-marketing.Nine9 works for people fresh out of schooling, prime to launch a career. It also acts to refocus individuals who have stepped away from their dream for a few years, but now want to pursue what they truly love. Nine9 gets you auditions, lines up photo shoots and is the driving force behind the promotional necessities of making it in the artistic industries.

Casting directors and talent scouts appreciate Nine9’s You-Tube channel and massive database gives the simplicity. They offer when trying to find the best talent. Taking the time to audition unknowns can be a waste of time for those people who have the ability to ignite careers and Nine9 takes the guesswork out of scheduling the most viable talent. Nine9 is like handing an aspiring musician or actor, his or her own private billboard right outside a talent agency’s front door. Nine9 is more than just another promotional gimmick.

They offer aspiring talents the ability to hone their skills in preparation for the all-important big audition. Auditions are had to come by, let alone second chances. Using Nine9 as a resource of knowledge and training, means there may not be any need for a second opportunity.At Nine9, a star is born every day. Are you one of those stars? Only way to find out is to give Nine9 the opportunity to promote your stardom. With the ‘Unagency‘ on your team, you can focus on what you love, perfecting your talent, while Nine9 showcases those talents for you.


Irrefutable Reasons Why You Should Work with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding provides stock-based lending services for individuals, businesses, and investors. The company was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since its inception, the firm has grown to become a global leader in offering alternative shareholder financing solutions. It provides margin loans and stock-based loans to individuals who cannot meet the tightened banks’ borrowing criteria, especially during harsh economic climates.

During times of economic crises, banks and other lending institutions tighten their lending requirements as well as increasing interest rates. This has always been a strategy by most banks to limit the number of low-income individuals from accessing the loans. Since economic fluctuations are a common phenomenon in the current world, Equities First Holding has come up with a solution to help out individuals struggling at these difficult times.

Since it is undeniable that the country has not fully recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, using stocks to get money is the next frontier. Equities First Holding has been recognized as one of the firms helping many Americans during harsh economic conditions. The company gives first working capital to anybody willing to use their stocks as collateral. Use of assets as collateral is quickly gaining ground as one of the innovative ways of securing fast working capital, and, therefore, a reason to work with Equities First Holding. Over time the company has seen an increase in the number of people disengaging their stocks to get margin loans and more information click here.

In stock-based loans, a non-recourse feature is used. This kind of a debt uses assets as collateral allowing the borrower to disengage with the lender. The lender can then liquidate the stocks to get fast working money. For the last couple of years, Equities First Holding has issued $ 2 billion-worth of stock-based loans in over 2000 transactions. The founder and president of equities First Holding welcome any borrower seeking first fast working capital and don’t qualify for bank loans and Equities of Website.

OSI Group Expands Its Service Provision To Europe

OSI is a company that distributes custom value-added food products across the globe. The institution is privately owned and delivers its services to the world’s leading food retailers.

Through the extensive capabilities of the firm, they provide custom food products that expand their client’s opportunities. The company workforce ranges at around 20,000. It operates from 17 countries and guarantees their customers’ have quality experience from their food products.

The organization believes that the employees significantly influence the company’s growth. Therefore, they provide an environment that offers challenges, growth and rewarding opportunities. OSI end goal is growth and profitability. Therefore, the firm hires employees with a passion and a unique approach to business. This method of hiring ensures the company stays ahead of the competition.

On 20th December 2016, OSI group announced the acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a food supplier organization that deals in the supply of food products in the U.K market. The company’s main food products revolve around frozen poultry, sauces, and dressings among many others. The acquisition of Flagship Europe aimed at increasing OSI presence in Europe. According to OSI’s president, Flagship Europe portfolio of products complements its production strength. Therefore, the institution broadened its capabilities to the region.

On August 2016, OSI Group completed the acquisition of a Dutch-based food company called Baho Food. Baho Food specializes in the production of meat products. OSI group acquired the controlling stake in this institution. The move to buy Baho was as a result of the need to expand to Europe. The management team in Baho remained to help in the transition and implementation of the company’s plans.

Learn more about OSI Group: