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Smart Technology – the Only Way into the Future as Explained by Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been an entrepreneur and a commentator in the latest technology trends. He is also a writer. In his recent writing, Hope termed internet of things like the new way of advancement. His articles talk and advise on the latest technology. Internet of things is the connected technology where several electronic devices can sync.

According to Jason Hope, internet of things can change the mode of operating businesses and is one big advancement in the technology industry. He further posited that the internet of things was the biggest investment that a company could have.

With the current technology trends, Hope explained that every company was to embrace the internet of things where all electronic devices would connect with each other. Hope has seen smart technology as the only way in future. He has predicted that the smart technology will not only be working with phones and computers but also in operations in our houses such as making coffee, turning on lights and other advancements. He predicts of a day when companies will be competing to manufacture smart gadgets that satisfy the technology needs of people and read full article.

Hope gave the advantage of embracing smart technology as its power to eliminate excess waste and making our lives safe. Hope explained that the Internet of things was not only benefiting urban areas, but also rural areas through GPS tracking, Emergency response, and in data collection and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the mobile technology since 2004. He is also a futurist who loves giving back to the society. After attending Arizona State University, he earned a degree in Finance and later an MBA from College’s W.P Carey School of business. Mr. Hope is the Director of Arizona Science Center and learn more about Jason.

Hope’s entry into the business world started off when he created a mobile communications company. He is also a bio-technologist that loves giving back to the society. He has been mentoring students in Scottsdale as well as spending time in developing grant programs to boost future entrepreneurs. Jason has interests in politics as well and his Website.

Due to his passion for technology, Jason Hope has several entrepreneurial pursuits in technology, and computer information systems industries.

Tim Armour thoughts on Warren Buffett Investment Advice

Warren Buffet, arguably American’s number one financial investor in a recent yearly shareholders letter shared some of his insights regarding mutual funds and clearly one man who seems not to be entirely in agreement with him is Tim Armour. Tim commentating Buffett’s letter seems to share a different opinion.

Warren Buffett argues that the ‘’ active versus passive’’ argument when it comes to mutual funding is misinformed and does not serve the interest of the investors. He further states that mutual funds provide a poor opportunity when it comes to long-term investments this because the funds will be subjected to excessive trading and huge management costs. Buffett also seeks to challenge the common notion that mutual funds are safe when it comes to retirement investment.

Inasmuch as Buffet is partly right with his observations, his strategies are entirely misplaced. Warren is a strong believer on rigorously scrutinizing a company before investing in them. While this strategy has been reasonable doubt been effective, they might have adversely affect the credibility of some mutual funds investment and hence the disagreement in strategies and learn more about Tim.

About Tim Armour

Currently Tim Armour is the Chairman of the Capital Group. This is one of the world’s largest investment funds and the home of all American investment when it comes to mutual fund. Tim is a man with a deep passion for mutual funds. Prior to joining Capital Group, he was Chairman to Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group’s management committee.

Tim enjoys over thirty years’ experience in matters mutual fund investment and always advices investors to invest in active investors for them to succeed and read full article.

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Nine9 – The Unagency that’s a Showcase for Your Talents

Nine9, the Unagency, immediately sets the stage using the adage “Got Talent?” Most musically inclined and artistic type people do not lack a sense of confidence in their abilities. However, communicating these talents to others can be difficult and immensely time-consuming. Nine9 takes talented, creative people, and shows them how to promote themselves to the right people in all the right places. In fact, Nine9 does all the footwork for models, musicians and actors, so they can continue to perfect their talents, no longer having to worry about the chore self-marketing.Nine9 works for people fresh out of schooling, prime to launch a career. It also acts to refocus individuals who have stepped away from their dream for a few years, but now want to pursue what they truly love. Nine9 gets you auditions, lines up photo shoots and is the driving force behind the promotional necessities of making it in the artistic industries.

Casting directors and talent scouts appreciate Nine9’s You-Tube channel and massive database gives the simplicity. They offer when trying to find the best talent. Taking the time to audition unknowns can be a waste of time for those people who have the ability to ignite careers and Nine9 takes the guesswork out of scheduling the most viable talent. Nine9 is like handing an aspiring musician or actor, his or her own private billboard right outside a talent agency’s front door. Nine9 is more than just another promotional gimmick.

They offer aspiring talents the ability to hone their skills in preparation for the all-important big audition. Auditions are had to come by, let alone second chances. Using Nine9 as a resource of knowledge and training, means there may not be any need for a second opportunity.At Nine9, a star is born every day. Are you one of those stars? Only way to find out is to give Nine9 the opportunity to promote your stardom. With the ‘Unagency‘ on your team, you can focus on what you love, perfecting your talent, while Nine9 showcases those talents for you.


Irrefutable Reasons Why You Should Work with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding provides stock-based lending services for individuals, businesses, and investors. The company was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since its inception, the firm has grown to become a global leader in offering alternative shareholder financing solutions. It provides margin loans and stock-based loans to individuals who cannot meet the tightened banks’ borrowing criteria, especially during harsh economic climates.

During times of economic crises, banks and other lending institutions tighten their lending requirements as well as increasing interest rates. This has always been a strategy by most banks to limit the number of low-income individuals from accessing the loans. Since economic fluctuations are a common phenomenon in the current world, Equities First Holding has come up with a solution to help out individuals struggling at these difficult times.

Since it is undeniable that the country has not fully recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, using stocks to get money is the next frontier. Equities First Holding has been recognized as one of the firms helping many Americans during harsh economic conditions. The company gives first working capital to anybody willing to use their stocks as collateral. Use of assets as collateral is quickly gaining ground as one of the innovative ways of securing fast working capital, and, therefore, a reason to work with Equities First Holding. Over time the company has seen an increase in the number of people disengaging their stocks to get margin loans and more information click here.

In stock-based loans, a non-recourse feature is used. This kind of a debt uses assets as collateral allowing the borrower to disengage with the lender. The lender can then liquidate the stocks to get fast working money. For the last couple of years, Equities First Holding has issued $ 2 billion-worth of stock-based loans in over 2000 transactions. The founder and president of equities First Holding welcome any borrower seeking first fast working capital and don’t qualify for bank loans and Equities of Website.

OSI Group Expands Its Service Provision To Europe

OSI is a company that distributes custom value-added food products across the globe. The institution is privately owned and delivers its services to the world’s leading food retailers.

Through the extensive capabilities of the firm, they provide custom food products that expand their client’s opportunities. The company workforce ranges at around 20,000. It operates from 17 countries and guarantees their customers’ have quality experience from their food products.

The organization believes that the employees significantly influence the company’s growth. Therefore, they provide an environment that offers challenges, growth and rewarding opportunities. OSI end goal is growth and profitability. Therefore, the firm hires employees with a passion and a unique approach to business. This method of hiring ensures the company stays ahead of the competition.

On 20th December 2016, OSI group announced the acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a food supplier organization that deals in the supply of food products in the U.K market. The company’s main food products revolve around frozen poultry, sauces, and dressings among many others. The acquisition of Flagship Europe aimed at increasing OSI presence in Europe. According to OSI’s president, Flagship Europe portfolio of products complements its production strength. Therefore, the institution broadened its capabilities to the region.

On August 2016, OSI Group completed the acquisition of a Dutch-based food company called Baho Food. Baho Food specializes in the production of meat products. OSI group acquired the controlling stake in this institution. The move to buy Baho was as a result of the need to expand to Europe. The management team in Baho remained to help in the transition and implementation of the company’s plans.

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Invest In Wine Through UKV PLC

UPDATED May 11th, 2017 – UKV PLC was featured on the! Read the article “UKV PLC’s Guide to French Wine” to learn more about the wine regions in France.

A Quick Intro To Wine Investing

Investing money into luxury, limited production wines is an excellent investment option that is often overlooked by many investors. Research has shown that investment into luxury wines have steadily increased in value. This has led to good returns for the people that have invested funds into luxury wines.

The concept behind wine investing is simple. You buy rare, vintage wines that are only produced in a limited quantity or batch from a reputable vineyard. Due to the fact, that no more wine of that batch will ever be produced again, the stock of wine that you have should increase as it stock gets depleted through consumption.

The demand for luxury wines has also increased. This is yet another reason why wine investing is looking like an increasingly safe and smart investment option. A limited quantity item, combined with increasing demand around the world, is the perfect investment for those looking for strong returns in the future.

There are some important things to keep in mind with wine investing. Any luxury wines purchased must be properly stored. Ideally, the luxury wines should be stored in secure and climate controlled warehouse facilities. This is so the wine retains its integrity or quality. Wines should also be held in bonded trusts in the United Kingdom where duties can be avoided to further increase your investment return.


How UKV PLC Can Help You Invest In Luxury Wines

UKV PLC is a luxury wine broker that is based in the United Kingdom. The company has a team of wine experts that can help you decide on which wines are the best to invest in. UK PLC can also help you store the wine in a secure climate controlled warehouse that will be bonded, thus allowing you to avoid paying duties you would otherwise. You can also contact UKV PLC to set up evaluations of any wines you may already have in stock. If you are willing to sell, UKV PLC can also buy wines from you at fair market price. Contact UKV PLC by phone at 0207 4718030.

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A Glimpse of the Future of Investment Banking

Five decades ago, investment banking sector was mostly composed of private partnerships specializing in certain market niches. Things slowly changed and investment banks began to transform into publicly traded ventures people now see today. The forces behind these transformations are once again shaping the investment banking industry. Trading is fast-shifting to hedge funds. Machines are taking over the back office jobs, and soon they will move to front office.
Funding and allocation are slowly becoming popular with huge asset managers and pension funds. Pressure on margins is increasing, and investment companies have abandoned offerings because of this. Also, the path to sustainable profits and other forms of double-digit returns are expected to undergo drastic changes. Some people even fear that the investment banks may shrink and pave the way for large-scale hedge funds.

Such changes will have a revolutionary impact on how people view and trade in investment banking industry. Leaders such as Martin Lustgarten also agree that the changes will create a new industry characterized by improved services.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin is an investment expert who lives in Miami, Florida. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Investment, a company that offers investment solutions to thousands of clients across the country. His in-depth knowledge of investment banking and possible prospects has made him a darling to many retirees who find it difficult to get an investment platform for their huge pensions. Before he came to the United States, he was a chief financial adviser in Venezuela, Hong Kong and Singapore. His dual citizenship has enabled him to expand his business territory in the US, Venezuela and Austria.

His impeccable performance has cemented his position as a top role model for upcoming investors. Even in his early 50s, he is still an iconic figure among young investors mainly because he started investing at a young age. His investment portfolios are widely recognized in the corporate hierarchy. Like any other human being, Martin finds time to break from his busy schedule to enjoy himself. He loves skating and collecting ancient forms of art. He is also a juggler and a watch trader.

Adam Goldenberg Has Been a Busy Entrepreneur Since His Teen Years

Adam Goldenberg is a famed entrepreneur from the United States. He’s one of the founders of JustFab, Inc. JustFab’s other founder is Don Ressler. It’s an Internet fashion store that focuses on subscription services. People rely on JustFab for everything from denim and footwear to dresses and jewelry. The company used to be known as “Justfabulous.” It launched back in March of 2010.

Adam Goldenberg created a company of his own when he was merely a teenager. This company was called Gamers Alliance. He was just 15 years in age when this company was established. He had Gamers Alliance for three years. He sold it after that time period to Intermix Media, the firm that ran popular social networking website MySpace. This sale took place in 1999. Goldenberg at that point left his high school studies. He relocated and became part of Intermix Media’s staff on He took a position as the company’s Strategic Planning Vice President. When Goldenberg was 20 years old, he became Chief Operating Officer.

Goldenberg first encountered Ressler while he was working for Intermix Media. Ressler was a brand building expert who had a strong entrepreneurial focus. Intermix Media bought a company from Ressler in 2001. This company was called Ressler’s hard work brought in sales of more than $1 billion.

It didn’t take long at all for Adam Goldenberg and Ressler to develop a strong friendship. News Corporation bought Intermix Media. Goldenberg and Ressler took the opportunity to begin a brand new company as a team. They made Intelligent Beauty in 2006. Intelligent Beauty focused on e-commerce brands.

Goldenberg stays busy with JustFab these days. The same goes for Ressler. JustFab has grown significantly over the past several years. The company has more than 35 million subscribers in locations all around the planet. It currently has customers in nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. There are various other brands that are run by JustFab, too. These brands include ShoeDazzle, Fabletics and FabKids. Fabletics is a popular brand that concentrates on clothing that’s both sporty and athletic. Celebrated Hollywood actress Kate Hudson works with Goldenberg and Ressler on Fabletics. It’s now a big name among individuals who are passionate about high-quality activewear. Source:

Goldenberg spends a lot of time working on JustFab and his other projects. When he has a bit of spare time, he likes to be around family. He likes to snowboard, too.

George Soros Begins Trading Again

George Soros has taken a lot of time away from the markets. However, he is starting to make trades again. This time, he is making bearish trades because of the different world economies. Soros is seeing a lot of concerning signs of the world economies. As a result, he has sold his stocks and began investing in gold. Gold is one of the commodities that people are very interested in investing in. For one thing, this is one of the commodities that are very likely to appreciate in value. There are plenty of bearish investments that George Soros has made in an effort to buy some more trustworthy assets.

George Soros has been following the current affairs of the world. He has been dealing with the affairs of the EU. Among the issues he has looked into was the crises that started in Greece. The handling of the crisis was not adequate. As a result, the crisis grew and began to take over the rest of the EU. As a result, the UK has left the EU. Also, with the conflict with Russia and Ukraine. There is also the issue with the refugees that are fleeing their country because of problems arising.

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George Soros – CNBC
George Soros runs the Open Society Foundations which monitor countries in the EU in order to make sure that there is peaceful dealings among the countries. They are also working with countries in order to make sure that they are run in the best way possible. There are a lot of issues in the current way the country is run. For one thing, a lot of rulers are using their power in the country to exploit the residents. George Soros is doing the best he can to weather the storms of these uncertain times. He is preparing with his
investments in gold. 

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The European Union Should Assist Ukraine In Resisting Russia’s Aggression: George Soros Says

Ukraine held protests to remove President Viktor F. Yanukovych from power and eventually succeeded. The new Ukraine is pro-European even though the country is still under military assault from Russia. The new Ukraine seeks to establish democracy, modernity and strengthening its ties with Europe.

Putin’s ambition to make Russia an empire has made Ukraine opposed to the Russian government. Russia has captured Crimea from the Ukrainian government, and the annexation of Crimea has made Putin incredibly known all around the world. He has sorted the economic giant, China as an ally to debilitate the U.S. dominance around the globe.

The U.S. and the European nations have responded to Russia’s aggression by imposing sanctions. The sanctions have hurt both the European countries as most depend on Russian oil. Russian banks and firms have been barred from accessing international capital markets. The sharp reduction in oil prices to $55 per barrel have hit Russia’s economy hard. Russia needs the price of oil to be at least $100 per barrel for the nation to spur its economy.

Sanctions have remained the only tool that the western countries and their allies have to use as they don’t want to awaken Russia’s military fury. Russia is worst hit by these sanctions and is on the verge of financial crisis, similar to the one it experienced in 1998.

George Soros Ukraine, the founder of Open Society Foundations, recommends the European Union to assist Ukraine financially and through force. By helping Ukraine, Europe will indirectly be defending itself. Any financial assistance to Ukraine would help to bring the country back to its feet and thus create a conducive atmosphere for investments and increase export.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

George Soros – Project Syndicat

Ukraine currently suffers from payments crisis that has transformed to the banking crisis and public debt. The European Union was willing to help Ukraine but the cumbersome bureaucratic processes that the European Commission outlined hindered the country from joining. Ukraine was supposed to contribute $17 billion shillings in cash to the IMF, which was so much larger than the standard $10 billion that other member countries of the EU had to contribute.

Ukraine has experienced shocks that have led to financial crisis. George Soros Ukraine says the country needs assistance to recover from the shock. When she does, she will be in a position to repay its creditors. Civil society leads the new Ukraine: young educated people in academic institutions, think tanks and nongovernmental organizations. They have volunteered to movements that could result in loss of lives for the sake of a better tomorrow. This has helped Ukraine to stand off the Russian aggression.

The new Ukraine aims at killing corruption and budget deficits that were ruining the old Ukraine. Ukraine has resulted in a radical reform program where it seeks to pay the civil servants better and to defy the gas monopoly, Naftogaz that has brought corruption and national budgets deficits in the country.

However, neither European public nor the top executives have been interested in this matter. Business in EU goes on as usual. Soros notes that allowing Russia to walk over Ukraine would endanger the whole of Europe due to Russian military invasion.

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