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Why Social Security Needs to be Discussed More Often

Mr Dave Giertz is the President of the company NFS Distribution Inc. It is an organisation dedicated to sales and distribution and is a part of National Financial. He became a valuable member of the team in June 2004. Mr Dave Giertz has more than three decades of professional experience in the field of finance. He is a skilled leader. Mr Dave Giertz graduated from the Millikin University from which he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. He received his Master’s degree in the same major from the University of Miami – School of Business. Mr Dave Giertz lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr Dave Giertz spoke in an interview on with a leading business news distributor on the topic of Social Security. In the United States of America financial advisors predominantly avoid talking abut social security with their clients. Mr Dave Giertz that social security can potentially make up 40% of the income of a retired citizen. That is too high of a percentage to be ignored. The topic of social security is a broad one. It covers a lot of ground, and financial advisors have started to feel overwhelmed, and the task of explaining the details of social security to clients seems like a daunting task.

Nevertheless, financial advisors needs to start talking about social security with their clients a lot more. According to a recent study on which was conducted by Nationwide Financial, most people would look for a new financial advisor if theirs does not readily discuss social security with them.

Mr David Giertz encouraged financial advisors to change their approach because the topic of social security is one of the most important ones and I cannot be passed by. Many citizens depend on it. Less experienced financial advisors should focus more on that topic, and young people should also show interest in it.

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Christanna Bevin Holds Management to High Regard

Christanna Bevin has various levels of management in the business sector. She has worked in various fields across the world. In everything that she has touched, she has been a major success in. She has attended the Australian Institute of Business and in 2015, she graduated with a masters for business admiration. She has been to work as the site administrator for the Stork business in which she served only 6 months. She has been a contract administrator for UGL Limited corp in July of 2003 until December of the same year. She has always been on the lookout for a way to make herself better. She made the decision to move into the engineering sector to be the cost engineer. When working in this sector, she took on the role of working with various pipe racking as well as to the generation power portion. As she was involved in this sector, she was offered a position to be the control manager. She took the promotion and dealt with the delivery and commission of the contracts involved within the business.

Christanna has not left her desire to travel in order to work as she has traveled various portions of the world. She has allowed for her career to take her to many regions like Australia. In 2005, she made the move into Western Australia to work for the company Kellog Brown and Root. Here she worked as the senior project control specialist. She only worked here for a span of 3 months before she was offered another position at a fellow business where she would go over existing contracts, would monitor the cost and planning for the improvements made towards the Olympic Dam Site.

In August 2007, Christanna relocated to Bulgaria where she went to work as the project control manager for the Chelopech Mining EAD business. She worked to control the projects of the clients, she managed the contracts of the business and handled commercials. She had a team of only 9 people. While working here, she was in the position to audit and inspect the data interrogation system of the business. She left this job in December of 2009. She held this position of her job for 2 years and 5 months before she moved onto bigger and better things.


Keith Mann: He Is Moving Forward

When it comes to life, people are either moving forward or they are standing still. In some cases, they might be even moving backwards, which is most definitely the wrong way to go in life. However, someone like Keith Mann is the type of person that is always moving forward and never standing still. He is well aware that there is a lot of work that needs to be done and he feels as though he was put on this earth to make that change. As the old expression goes, be the change you want to see in the world. That is exactly what Keith Mann is doing at the moment. He knows that there are a lot of children out there that want to go to school and they want to have an education.


Their dream is to go to college. They know if they go to college, get their degree, and keep their heads on straight, anything is possible for them. This is especially true when they have someone like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners in their corner. He fights for these kids and he believes in them. That is why he is putting together fundraisers that are raising over twenty-two thousand dollars. When it comes to school, money talks and money goes a long way in getting things done.


Keith Mann is busy, there is no doubt about that, but that does not mean he is going to sit around and let this sort of thing happen. He is going to move forward, come up with solutions, and see the kind of changes that need to happen. When children are young, they need adults to believe in them and be by their side. So much of who they are and what they are about is developed when they are younger, and it stays with them as they get older.


They remember the people that helped them out, had their back, and stood in their corner. They remember the people that believed in them and never let them down. That is Keith Mann. Mann takes this very seriously.