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Steve Ritchie’s Success Story

Steve Ritchie has been working for some time for Papa John’s pizza company. He was recently promoted to be the company’s, Chief Executive Officer. Papa Johns got its popularity because of the excellent services it offers to the customers. It also ensures to produce nothing but the best quality pizzas and also ensures to take care of the customers’ needs by working with their feedback to improve their products. It has recently been ranked as the biggest pizza delivery company in the world. Steve Ritchie has always loved pizza since he was young.

He came to know about Papa John’s when he first bought his first pizza at the age of 18 while he was schooling at Seneca High School. He was in his senior year at that time. He fell in love with Papa John’s pizza. This made him set his mind to work at Papa John and it was because of this that he skipped college to get employed at the company. Lucky for him, he was employed as an hourly worker. He worked at the store of the company and his work was to take phone orders. His passion for his job made him put a lot of effort and dedication in his work and later on he got promoted to the managerial position.

Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) did not stop working hard but instead worked hard and ensured he became successful in every task he was given to handle. It was because of this that he landed himself in other senior positions. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns became the multi-unit supervisor, director of global operations, president and chief officer and now his current position as the chief executive officer of Papa John’s pizza company. His hard work and dedication in his job are because of his love for pizza. In a statement that he made, he stated that he simply fell in loved with the brand. He loved the way Papa John’s makes their pizzas and makes them different from other pizza companies. From when he took over the CEO office, Steve Ritchie has made sure to do his best in steering the company to greater heights.

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Clay Hutson Brings Artists’ Visions To Life In Concert

The music industry is an exciting place to be in which is why Clay Hutson is so passionate about his job as a live music producer and sound engineer. For years, Clay Hutson worked with other people and companies learning almost every aspect that the live music industry had to offer. When he realized just how much he had learned already combined with the effects that the recession had on live music, Clay Hutson decided to create his own production company.

Clay Hutson is very detail oriented, which is something that is made evident if anyone pays attention to the intricacies of each concert that he has produced. As the owner of his company, he doesn’t have to worried about someone else’s business decisions destroying him financially. He is constantly trying to work ahead of the task that is currently at hand. By visualizing what needs to be done before the setup even begins, Clay Hutson is able to direct his crew efficiently and quickly while minimizing the stress of mistakes.

There isn’t some type of magic trick when it comes to making it big in the music industry according to Clay Hutson. In order for him to succeed in his career, he worked hard. Reputation is important when it comes to the music industry just as it is everywhere else. If you have a good reputation that reaches a potential client through word of mouth, you may get new clients. For many of his clients, Clay Hutson is seen as one of the hardest working people in the music industry. The artists that he works with value the artistic flair of his shows and the effort that is put into each detail.

While Clay Hutson has been a success in the music industry, he has also had some significant failures. Instead of giving up, he used each of these failures as a learning experience and was able to protect his business better in the future. He ended up being sued by a client of a production company that he was working for. Even though the suit was dropped, it still managed to affect his life in many different ways.

OSI Group Makes Headway In Australia

OSI Group International just announced its merger with Turi Food. The Australian division will now be known as Turosi Pty. Ltd. “We believe that shared ownership between companies with similar cultures will produce a world-class, dedicated team,” said Turi Foods Chairman Sam Cuteri. Based in Thomasville, Victoria, Turi Foods has outlets throughout the state. Turi foods is a longtime supplier of supermarkets, restaurants, chicken retailers, and butcher shops. They are also one of Australia’s largest poultry processors.Privately owned OSI International supplies food service markets, restaurants, and retailers throughout the Asia Pacific region.Both companies have built a strong reputation in their respective area.

OSI Group President David MacDonald says the merger has tremendous potential and more innovative ways to serve the public.OSI Group’s history can be traced back to 1909 when a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky opened a local meat market in a Chicago suburb. Chicago was a thriving city center and provided great opportunities for immigrants to gain a footing.The meat market continued to thrive through WWI, and by 1928, it was re-branded Otto & Sons.For many more decades, the meat market saw success. But a fateful meeting between a Otto & Sons and a little-known restaurateur named Ray Krok proved to be the biggest development in the company’s history.

Krok, who was in business with the McDonald brothers, opened the first McDonald’s Restaurant in 1955 Des Plaines, Illinois. He needed a supplier of fresh beef for his company. So with a handshake, Otto & Sons entered into an agreement that gave them the task of supplying McDonald’s Restaurants.Krok, a business genius in his own right, made McDonald’s into the blueprint of what fast-food restaurants should be. Needless-to-say, the company saw huge success.Otto & Son’s fortunes rose right along with McDonald’s. By the 1960s, the company was again re-branded. This time as OSI Group. They built a manufacturing plant to supply meats solely for McDonald’s Restaurants in the Midwest.Today, the OSI Group is worth an estimated $7.1 billion, according to Forbes Magazine.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco shared leadership changes at Bradesco

During the annual World Economic Forum in Switzerland, many financial and government leaders convene annually to discuss the global economy. The World Economic Forum dates back to 1971 and presents an opportunity for the world to get a picture of the economy on the global scale and discuss and identify problems and the implementation of effective solution strategies. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was among the financial leaders attending the event. During this time Luiz had the opportunity to discuss the climate of the economy and give his expert opinion on steps needed in order for the Brazilian economy to make a full recovery. Read this article at Glamurama.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had a respected influence in the financial and economic world in Brazil throughout his career. Luiz is the current Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco and was the 4th President in the banks over 70 year existence. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is directly responsible for the acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian branches expanding the banks reach by 800 additional branches with one deal. The HSBC deal earned Luiz the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015, for the deal that equaled $ 5.2 Billion, which was the largest such deal that year.


Luiz yielded his expert opinion on the economic climate of the country during an intimate interview at the World Economic Forum. When asked about the 2014 economic data that showed growth in the Brazilian economy, Luis noted this data while positive should be cautiously assessed. Trabuco noted during the early stages of any economic recovery, this kind of return is expected and there is the need for more data over an extended period of time before a true picture can be painted. Referencing the current situation as an economic recovery cycle, Luiz said this is expected. He further detailed the need for reform in the areas of government spending in order to truly improve the economy.

Earlier this year during the Ordinary General Assembly meeting, Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced the incoming of the new President of Bradesco Octavio De Lazari Junior. Also revealed was the retirement of the 91 year old Lazaro Brandao as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

Barclays Chief Operating Officer; Mike Bagguley

As part of restructuring its business, Barclays bank promoted Mike Bagguley to be the chief operating officer of Barclays PLC. He previously worked as the COO of Barclays Investment Bank. And before that, head of macro markets business in Barclays bank. Bagguley’s role comes with a lot of responsibility as he now reports to the investment bank chief. The restructuring had to happen so that the bank could reduce costs of operation and ensure more profits. As part of this strategy, Barclays Bank transferred their assets, weighted according to risk, into non-core assets. The bank also sought out to streamline its operations by reducing 7000 jobs in a period of 3 years. Mike Bagguley’s primary aim is to ensure this strategy is followed through and achieved. Hence the business can deliver services to their clients as expected.

Mike Bagguley is required to be actively involved in the improvement of infrastructure within Barclays. He also assists in the coordination and delivery of the various projects within set timelines. 

When Mike Bagguley was in charge of macro markets from March 2014 to September 2015, he ensured the macro business had been reshaped, which involved, foreign exchange, product commodities, and interest rates. This clearly shows that he is effective in the tasks that he spearheads. Barclays, among other banks, has resulted in a reduction of trading activities and concentrated on other areas with fewer regulations such as advisories and equities.

Crunchbase gives us a sneak peek on information about Mike Baguley’s education, as stated in his profile. He went to the University of Warwick where he attained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1988. According to the same site, he is also known as Michael Roy Andrew Baguley. He is based in London and joined Barclays in 2001 on the trading desk. Mike Bagguley is skilled at his work, and it’s evident that he is bringing about the much-anticipated changes within Barclays business.

Victoria Doramus Battle Against Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is a market trend analyst and a recovering expert. As a 26-year-old in 2011, she went to her first rehab, which she checked out after 45 days and returned to Los Angeles but did not overcome her addiction. Victoria tried changing friends, moving to different states and even going back to college in London and yet still did not get the help she needed. She eventually went to rehab in Connecticut in 2016 with the hope of getting better and proving to her mother, a cancer patient, that she had everything under control but in the process lost everything including her friends and family.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus flew to Austin and joined Burning tree, a rehabilitation facility with a 12 step based program with a boot camp approach. The whole day was aligned with activities ranging from prayer and meditation to chores and later meetings that allowed the patients to acknowledge their bad choices without feeling like victims. In the process, they would get a clear understanding of their situations from awareness and connection to supreme powers.After serving her time in the facility, Ms. Doramus left to work an average of 35 hrs in Dallas. After four months of working, she moved to New York and joined non-profit organizations that focused on addiction with the aim of helping others who had the same problem.

The recovering addict is hoping to start a center in New York based on the 12 steps and has written a book, Adderall, that talks about her journey and experience throughout the addiction period but has not been published yet. According to her addiction is not about the drugs but the results that cause a problem bigger than an individual. She believes that change is possible and it is upon anyone struggling with addiction to make efforts and find their way into sobriety. Check out Victoria’s closet at Tradesy.

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David McDonald Continues To Lead The OSI Industries Food Group

David McDonald, is acting COO and President, of the popular OSI Food Service Group. He has been committed to helping their team of executives attract the most customers to the food service industry. He has always worked with other members of their executive team. David McDonald has used his education and food service experience to lend over 25+ years of expertise to the OSI Industries Food Group. He has a significant role in their international food service growth initiative. McDonald told a recent online interviewer, his dedication is to the success of their growth and feeding their customers a completely affordable, safe and for delicious meal.

Recent News On The OSI President

McDonald has been a strong leader in securing a international partnership with other major food service industry professionals. David McDonald was able to secure a deal with one of the largest groups in the Dutch food industry. OSI Industries has successfully been able to acquire the popular OSI Industries Food Service network. Today, they run one of the largest food processing network facilities in the Dutch industry. They’ve also been able to secure a European deal with the popular EU Flagship food industry professionals.

Who Is The OSI Industry Food Group

Ironically, the popular OSI food service group is based in Aurora, Illinois and serves a diverse community of international customers. They have a strong presence in the food industry with over 50+ years in the food service business. OSI and David McDonald have contributed to the communities they serve by creating jobs and lending their time and resources. They continue to be one of the largest food service groups in North America. Visit the official OSI Food Industry website for more details on the professional background of David McDonald today. Trust your family’s diet to the OSI Industries Food Group.

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Founder of MT. Gox and co-founder of stellar, Jed McCaleb has a vision for the world. In his interview with NBC, he stated the vision. The concept is a single system payment method that will serve the world as a whole and one that will be powered by Blockchain.

Moreover, he envisioned a hybrid system that will incorporate the payment of fiat currencies that will be made able by and facilitated via the Blockchain.

There is a possibility that the blockchain technology of Stellar could ignite and hold a ‘Universal Payments Network that will be able to process both traditional assets by the year 2028. An instance is the stocks and shares and other forms of payments that will be available at the time.

The Stellar Lumens (XLM) is Stellar’s network’s token, and it has taken up the lightning network that will be vital in preventing future drawbacks. The action has brought the attention of the world and got press coverage.

McCaleb has a great resume that can help strengthen and spread believe in his vision for Stellar’s technology impacting international financial systems. He started MT. Gox Bitcoin exchange and the fact that he has led Stellar as its CEO gives credibility to his opinion and makes him the very instrumental person in the company.

He commented that currently, the system of finance does not tap the market about the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) phenomenon. Despite Autonomous Next crediting it for raising $9 billion in four years, ICOs have been a den to host fraudsters, raising funds and keeping the investors in the dark.

According to Finance Magnates, the fraudsters’ menace has caught the attention of regulators across the globe although token sales fans protest saying that there is a representation of a recent model of fundraising.

Apart from the two mentioned companies, Jed McCaleb has also founded Code Collective, Metal Machine and Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) has enlisted his advisory services.

MIRI exists to oversee the inventions of smarter-than-human intelligence and is not only a nonprofit organization but has also had a positive impact.

When cofounding Stellar Development foundation, he had a hope of economic involvement of every person on earth. He saw that there could be more commercial potential in the world that was being hindered by outdated infrastructure that exists in the financial systems.

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Why Jed McCaleb Believes Stellar is the Future

Jed McCaleb is without a doubt one of the revolutionary minds of today. Having founded Mt. Gox and then later founding Stellar, he is an innovative thinker. Stellar uses lumens technology, a technology that makes it possible for everything to be managed on the blockchain. The way this technology is moving, it appears that all equity will be tokenized on the blockchain by 2028. Stellar currently has their own token as well, the Stellar (XLM), and has been popular since its inception. What’s the key to making Stellar bigger and better than any other platform?

Just like Ripple, Stellar was designed to aid in handling international transactions and acting as a platform for multiple transactions using blockchain technology. Ultimately, the development of a universal payment network would be the one thing that investors in cryptocurrency want to see. Additionally, they recently adopted the lightning technology which is now quickly becoming a priority across blockchains. There’s much to be determined about Stellar and how it can best be used, but Jed McCaleb is being pushed by partners to determine how much of this can be scaled. Is it possible?

If you read more about the technology outside of Stellar you’ll think so. It would seem that although ethereum was once one of the greatest tools in the industry, along with the token, that nothing could compare. However, as with all technology, there were some clear growing pains with ethereum. Now, Stellar is the standard by which platforms for cryptocurrency are being measured. IBM, one of the largest tech companies in history is looking at Stellar favorably and Jed McCaleb knows it. They are looking at how banks want to utilize the technology in the banking industry. This is good news especially as it would help banks offer their customers more if they can work with transactions on an international level.

This is why Jed McCaleb wants to have everything in place ahead of time. He wants to make sure that everyone can use this platform as much as they want, whenever they want.

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The Daily Practices Of A Thriving Entrepreneur

We find the public success of many entrepreneurs at face value.

The difficult aspects to see are the daily disciplines of those who society holds with high regards. Sheldon Lavin, the majority shareholder, CEO and chairman of the OSI Group, is a perfect example of the principles and disciplines of a leading entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person that brings innovation to society.

There are a number of challenges and obstacles that society needs solutions for.

Sheldon Lavin greatest leaders offer these solutions by living a life most optimal in body, mind and soul. Sharing this may encourage you to feel sentimental, but the challenging realities of leading 20,000 people everyday are the challenges that people have with themselves. Sheldon Lavin has a masterful hold on his daily practice.

This practice brings him to great success.

The Rules Of Innovation Sheldon Lives By

The rules of innovation consists of education and strategy.

The daily education of Sheldon Lavin consists of a deep connection he has with his business. The OSI Group leads the world as the largest and most profitable food processor on the planet. The global expansion of diverse nations is increasing the daily demand of products held by the agency. Expansion requires a type of insight that can only come from an entrepreneur with an intimate connection to the current condition and the emerging processes of his corporation.

There are many professionals with the OSI Group, and Sheldon continues to out shine them as a leader ready to stand for his agency. The dynamic of managing a brand as big as Sheldon’s takes into account a thorough daily practice of study and education. These bring Mr. Lavin into a better standing of his own company.

Entering The Legacy Of Sheldon Lavin

To enter the legacy of Sheldon Lavin, we begin with steps at the ground level. The foundation of Sheldon’s career is growing on the potentials of time and investment. Sheldon manages his company while holding over 40 years of professional business experience. This professional is looked to as a guiding light for employees and corporate professionals around the globe. His professional timeline gives him the standing to achieve a lot in the near future.

His eyes are set on the global demand for processed food, and Sheldon is also supplying everything his business can to meet the demands. The ongoing consumption of processed food can only be accomplished with a steady supply. The future of the OSI Group stands on its capacity to meet that world demand.

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