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Talos Energy is Helping to Revitalize Mexico’s Ailing Energy Market

Many years ago, Mexico had one of the world’s best oil reserves. The country had one of the world’s best petroleum-based production capabilities. However, national procurement peaked sometime between 2003 and 2004. Since that time, the nation’s ability to procure fuel had plummeted. By 2005 the nation of Mexico was in trouble in terms of its fuel production.

In 1938 Mexico had nationalized its fuel sources. This simply meant that no one other than Mexican based companies could search for or extract fuel from the country. This was a great move for Mexico during the early part of the 20th century. As a matter of fact, the country has even designated a holiday for this occasion. Every year on March 18 the nation celebrates Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation which was started by a popular former Mexican president named Lazaro Cardenas.

Talos Energy is one of the first energy companies that has been allowed back into the country to find and produce petroleum reserves. This company has teamed up with a Mexican based energy producer named Sierra Oil & Gas. Another member of this committee is Premiere Oil Plc which is a U.K. based energy company. Together, these three oil companies are helping Mexico to turn their energy misfortunes around.

Keep in mind that Mexico is the world’s 12th largest producer of petroleum products. Being ranked number 12 out of 195 countries is not a bad position. While they are not considered the top 10 petroleum producing countries, they still hold a significant position in the world of energy production. Talos understands this point and they are doing everything they can to help boost the nation’s energy market.

Talos provides a lot of updated technology to the energy procurement process. Their seismic equipment and apparatuses is what allows them to discover fuel reserves that are located in hard to find places. This helps to give the company the edge it needs when searching for petroleum and landing bidding contracts. In 2015, Talos and their partners were able to secure the right to drill in Mexico. The government awarded these companies because they are projected to produce the best results for this venture.

Talos Energy’s ability to operate in the Mexico area is a testament to the professional level of this company. This energy company is based in Houston, Texas and it was created in 2012. Since that time, it has become one of the best energy production operations in the U.S. and in the world.


What the Successful Track Record at Equities First Holdings Means

Although they have made their business successful by always giving clients what they are looking for, Equities First Holdings knows they can do different things to help people with the options they have. They also know they can give them a chance at more capital if they are getting started in different industries. There have been many clients who have come to them that started out as nothing. Equities First Holdings has been able to help them through all the aspects of financing their company. They know they are going to continue to help clients as their business grows. Equities First Holdings does not plan on stopping just because they are successful. Instead, they are going to grow their business even more than what it was in the past. They plan to become the biggest investment firm in the world. Equities First Holdings will always strive for success because of their goals.

How Glen Wakeman Used His Business Experience To Establish LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is a Miami, Florida area businessman who has extensive executive experience in the financial sector. He has an undergraduate degree in economics and finance he earned at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. After he graduated in 1981 he worked for a few different companies before joining GE Money in December 1985, a company he would remain with for over 20 years. During this time he also attended the University of Chicago where he earned an MBA in finance in 1993.

While working for GE Capital, Glen Wakeman worked around the world. He says that he lived in six different nations and his work took him to 32 countries in total. These were in Asia, South America, and Europe. He advanced up the ladder at GE Capital, steadily earning higher positions of authority. Among his positions were those in regional management, country management, operations, business development, general management, and technology (Ideamensch).

While at GE Capital he was often tasked with building up operations in a nation. Over time he did this nine separate times and his efforts led to a total revenue over $2 billion. The company recognized his good work and he was named as a Growth Leadership Role Model. He eventually ended up as the chief executive officer of Latin America which was his final role for this company

After leaving GE Capital, Glen Wakeman became an entrepreneur. He saw a problem and decided he would found a business to solve it. The problem he saw is that way too many new businesses fail. His research led him to conclude the primary reason for this is that most businesses don’t start with a solid and well-thought-out business plan. He knew he could solve this problem so he launched LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.

At LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman developed an online platform that steps a person through everything they need to do to create a solid business plan. His platform takes a guided approach so that nothing is left out. The business plans also let the new business owner know that they have clear and adequate liquidity for the early stages of their business.