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Brain Bonar Has Helped Put Trucept On The Map

Brian Bonar has been the CEO and chairman of Trucept for 4 years. In those 4 years, Bonar has lead the company to be one of the best temporary staffing companies in the United States. With his strong leadership skills and attention to detail he has help put Trucept on the map. But how did Bonar accomplish so much in such a small amount of time? By focusing on workforce costs and learning how to keep track of ever changing human resource laws. Bonar and his team have created on of the most dependable temporary staffing companies in the world.

Not only did Bonar help to cut costs he also has helped Trucept learn the ins and outs of payroll management. Trucept is not just a simple temporary staffing company but rather a comprehensive human resource outsourcing company that handles everything employee related. Payroll management can be very difficult. But with Bonar’s guidance, Trucept seems to have a firm grip on the industry. Another area of Trucept that Bonar has had his hands in is employee benefit services. This area has to be carefully worked out in order to attract new talent to the work pool and retain those employees for many years.

Bonar knows the importance of balancing the relationship between the client and the employee. Keeping both of them happy is key to running a successful temporary staffing company. So treating those temporary workers happy is a goal that Bonar has inspired those under him to achieve. Bonar has a long history of managing large companies and he really knows what it takes to make in the world of business. His years of experience has taught him the right way to do things. With more than 40 years of business experience which started at IBM in the 1960’s, he really knows his stuff.