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Beauty Blogger Adds WEN to Hair Care To Fight Frizzy Fine Hair

Fine, frizzy, unmanageable hair; that’s what beauty writer Emily McClure was dealing with every day. Emily admitted right from the start that she was a bit lazy about her hair care routine but that she wanted Hollywood hair. She was hoping that the famous WEN hair no-lather shampoo system could deliver.

WEN was developed by the popular LA stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean. He was tired of watching people ruin their locks with sulfate-laden shampoos and conditioners, so he created the revolutionary no-lather, sulfate-free shampoo known as his unique cleansing conditioners.

The Sephora endorsed healthy hair care system uses a lot of product to bathe and clean and nourish the hair, delivering mega-watt shine, body and strength. It was the first healthy way to cleanse and care for hair, and best of all, WEN was developed to treat every hair type out there.

Emily kept a hair log and hair selfies for and tested the product for seven days on her medium-length locks.

Every time she used WEN and then blow-dried and styled her limp hair, she put major volume and gloss back into her hair. Her selfies showed gorgeous strands with bounce, softness and shine. Emily was impressed, and her close friends noticed the change immediately.

As long as Emily kept to a daily morning Wen hair wash, followed by a blow-drying and styling routine, her hair adapted ideally, and she was able to manage her hair for the entire work-day.

During the 7-day trial, Emily skipped the morning WEN wash once and another time, used WEN at night. In both instances, Emily claims that WEN failed to deliver. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Emily concluded that for superior WEN results of shine and bounce, you must use WEN every morning, plus do the blow-drying and styling steps. Emily admits she let her lazy side take over. Wen hair products are available online via Amazon and at high end beauty stores.

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