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Yanni Hufnager Grew Up to be One of the Most Respected Coaches

Yanni Hufnagel just recently took a coaching job with Nevada Wolfpack working with assistant coach Eric Musselman. The 30-year-old coach from Scarsdale, New York. Yanni Hufnagel dreamt of becoming a coach since he was a little boy. Instead of reading comic books and other children’s books he spent time absorbing material on coaching. To better understand the material in the coaching books he checked out as a kid, he would use toy figures to simulate a real game.

As a kid, he wanted to grow up to be the best basketball coach he could be. Look where he is now.

While he was in school, he worked for a television company commentating over basketball games. His broadcasting partner recommended that he be a sports broadcaster or announcer someday.

At Cornell University, Yanni Hufnagel worked as a basketball manager. As a manager, he got to be close with the players and coaching staff. He got to see how players line up during a game. After every school year, he got to intern with New Jersey Nets during his summer break.

In 2009, Hafungal was contacted by the head coach at Harvard at offered an opportunity to work as an intern coach for Harvard. Shortly after he was hired as a coaching assistant for Harvard he starting recruiting players on his own.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations and a Masters degree in Adult Higher Education with the emphasis on Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. Hafungal is a great salesman. He has a gift for recruiting players.

He was an assistant coach for Alma Mater, Cornell University, Graduate Assistant for Oklahoma, and an Assistant Coach for Harvard.

Career highlights:

1992- Born in New York

2006 – Graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations

2010 – Earned a Master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with an Emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration

2009- Went to Harvard to help coach the basketball team