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Bryants’: Fantasy Football Rankings

Now that America’s favorite sport has begun; many people have begun playing fantasy football. For over 3 years, the fantasy football podcast has been reporting on the fantasy football rankings. This year, some people considers Pittsburgh Steelers’ Martavis Bryant on the hot seat to become a top tier wide receiver. During his rookie year in 2014 season, Bryant only played three games. His rookie year wasn’t very impressive for a 4th round pick. Unfortunately, in 2015 and 2016 he again under performed and was suspended due to a failed drug test. Hopefully, this year will be his break out year. However, his fantasy football rankings aren’t that high. His fantasy football rankings are a direct link to how people view him.

Andy has him ranked 20, Jason has him ranked 32, and Mike has him ranked 21 overall. Hopefully, he proves everyone wrong this year.