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The Digital Domain Becomes The Major Area For Activism in The View Of Avaaz

The Avaaz group of environmental and political activists was only formed in January 2007, a short life which has allowed the organization to take the most modern approach to activism possible. Avaaz has been at the heart of the rise of what has been described as digital activism since the group was formed and continues to find new and exciting ways of bringing the latest important causes to as many people as possible across the planet; the main aim of Avaaz has been to prove there is little space between the different nations and communities of the world now the Internet has allowed every person to access the good causes being supported around the world.


Founder Ricken Patel is often described as the most important person in the Avaaz organization as he brought together a number of the leading activists in the world to create a new way of completing activism in the Internet age. A graduate of both Oxford and Harvard Universities, Patel has made it his dream to build a brighter future for the people of the world through the use of Online petitions and letter writing campaigns already proving successful in completing impressive campaigns resulting in the development of new areas of success for activists previously limited by their geographic location.

One of the most important parts of the growth of Avaaz has been the creation of a new way of exploring activism through the ability of individuals to bring campaigns and causes to the attention of the leaders of the group. In allowing individuals the chance to bring their own choice of good causes to the attention of Avaaz the group has crossed many different borders including conservationism, political campaigns, and the growth of an important arm fighting economic corruption across much of the world.