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Surf Air Teams Up With Luxury Travel Company to Enhance Their Experiences Package

In celebration of the company’s five year anniversary, Surf Air is teaming up with All Roads North, a company focused on high-end travel, to offer something unique to their customers. More specifically, Surf Air will supplement the already luxurious weekend packages to which Members already have access.

The Private Suite at LAX and Founders Card are both offering global benefits to Surf Air Members. The company wanted to use their fifth anniversary as a time to offer some dedicated gifts as a thank you to Members who have helped grow their business to the success it has today.

The Surf Air Experiences are weekend packages that are designed by the team for unique weekend getaways to available Surf Air destinations. Teaming up with All Roads North, Surf Air will now be incorporating special offers from this luxury travel company into their already amazing Surf Air Experiences.

All Roads North has been designing and carrying out the most luxurious road trips in the U.S. This strategic partnership will provide Surf Air Members with tremendous value as All Roads North have great relationships with some of the best hotels and other accommodation forms. This partnership represents another way in which Surf Air is seeking to provide more luxury and value to their already loyal Members.

Surf Air is a unique airline that offers an all-you-can-fly policy for a monthly price. Based in California, Surface Air was started in 2001 and only began flying to destinations within California. The company has since expanded and now offers flights in Texas and has recently offered flights in Europe.

Members of Surf Air pay a monthly fee and have access to the commuter airline anytime that they desire. The Surf Air Experience is a weekend package curated by the company as a unique offer to their customers.

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ClassDojo Raises Equity

One of the most innovative applications that has come to the education industry over the past few years is ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an application that is doing its best to make parent teacher conferences less relevant or necessary. The application works by greatly increasing the amount of communication that goes on between students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

The ClassDojo application can be used to do a wide range of tasks. Teachers that use the ClassDojo application will be able to upload all information that they want including class schedules, school assignments, grades, progress reports, and other relevant pieces of information. This helps to ensure that a parent is able to know exactly what is going on with their children’s school on a daily and weekly basis.

Many teachers also use the application to build an informal yearbook. They are able to take pictures from the classroom and of the kids interacting and post them for parents to see. Parents can then save the photos they like to either their mobile device or build their own yearbook through the application.

One of the main benefits of the application is that it allows for much better communication for all parties involved. Parents are able to use the application to ask questions directly to the teacher or to participate in open forums that are available to all parties involved. Students can also use the application to speak with their teacher or to get feedback from other students in the class.

While the application is very popular with teachers, students, and parents, it is also getting more attention from investors across the world. The owners of ClassDojo recently raised an additional $21 million in venture capital financing. This capital will be used by the company to hire more talent, look for ways to make the website more efficient, and figure out more ways that it could be useful for users.

What has gained the interest of investors it the growing popularity of the application. It is estimated that over 50 percent of schools and classrooms across the country already use the application, or similar apps. Furthermore, there will be a significant amount of more potential as it continues to expand both in the US and abroad.

ClassDojo’s Innovative Platform Has Done Great Things For Education In A Short Time

The school community has been putting a lot of attention on ClassDojo, the relatively new educational platform that was released to help give a better learning experience to students and just make the experience better for everyone involved in general. There are already many tools for education on the market, but none that focus on communication like ClassDojo. On top of this, they also released a series of growth mindset videos for students to view. These videos teach various different principles of learning as well as life lessons, to better prepare them for the future. So far, ClassDojo has been very well received as they have spread into classrooms in nearly two thirds of every schooling establishment in the United States.

By greatly improving the on available communication between parents, students, and instructors, students not only spend more time trying to do well on their work and behave well, but they receive the encouragement necessary to feel confident in their abilities. Regular feedback from teachers as well as parents goes a long way in helping a student feel connected and engaged with their schooling. Parents who participate are able to regularly check in on their child to see how well they are doing for the current day or week, in terms of their performance and behavior, thus eliminating the need for regular parent teacher conferences to see how things are going. All of this comes completely free as well, as the only thing required to take part in ClassDojo’s program is an invitation from a classrooms teacher and a working internet connection.

ClassDojo is equipped to support more than 35 languages and is easy enough for all ages to use to ensure maximum compatibility. With the profound amount of success ClassDojo has seen already, Sam and Liam, the founders of ClassDojo, have expressed their desire to continue developing their platform to increase not only its features, but its reach around the world. Today, teachers around the country are excited about how this educational tool will change the schooling community for the better. It’s never been easier to start making education more fun, so start today by asking for an invite and downloading the application for free on any smartphone.

ClassDojo Communication App Is Used In Over 80,000 Schools

The education system has been impacted greatly by technology innovations over the past few decades. Many schools have been able to utilize technology to accomplish things that would not have been possible 30 years ago. The use of technology has made schools and schools systems more effective in many ways.

One of the areas where technology has not been utilized greatly regarding schools and school systems is teacher and parent student conferences. The traditional conference between teachers and parents is still the primary method used by schools for teachers and parents to discuss students’ progress in school.

The traditional teacher and parent student conference is based on a few meetings being held during the school year to discuss the activities and progress of students. The actual conferences between teachers and parents are effective. The conferences keep parents informed and allow teachers to communicate with parents about the students. However, the time needed by both teachers and parents to commit to the conferences is a lot.

Class Dojo is a company that is out to change the way teachers and parents meet to discuss students. The company has a communication app on the market that helps with communication between teachers and parents regarding students. The way the app works is that schools have a communication platform that is used in conjunction with the app. Teachers, parents, and students can use the app through the communication platform.

Teachers and parents can stay in touch by sending messages using the app back and forth. With the app, teachers and parents can communicate as often as they like because the messages can be checked at any time and responded to at any time. The ability to respond and communicate when desired is a benefit that many teachers and parents like concerning the app developed by ClassDojo.

Recently ClassDojo received funding in the amount of 21 million dollars regarding the communication app that the company currently has on the market. The additional funding generated for the app will allow the company to provide extra features and enhancements to the app.

ClassDojo is filling a void in schools related to available technology that can provide options related to various ways to handle teacher and parent student conferences. The communication app developed by ClassDojo is currently used in over 80,000 schools. The app has received positive feedback from many users of the app regarding teacher and parent communication.

How ClassDojo has Impacted Education Positively


Different inventions are popping up with the aim of bettering our lives. ClassDojo is a mobile application that allows interactions between teachers and parents concerning school life. Teachers can interact with parents on a regular basis through the app. The app allows sharing of information that includes pictures and videos. This article will look at how ClassDojo has impacted a positive change in the education sector.


About ClassDojo

Class Dojo was launched in June 2011 and has since been accepted positively by both teachers and parents across the United States. Sam Chaudhary, CEO, and Co-founder of ClassDojo has complimented the invention by saying that if what happens in the classrooms can also be shifted to show what happens outside the classroom, education would be bettered on a huge scale.


ClassDojo gives parents, teachers, and students the ability and power to create incredible classrooms. The app enables students to build social-emotional skills and at the same time creates an easy way for sharing what is happening during school days.


ClassDojo Monetization Plan

Having been received positively by both teachers and parents, ClassDojo is looking forward to monetizing the application. Yearly, schools are spending a lot of cash on curriculum and software that is delivered in huge boxes. The application will monetize through selling educational content but not through the selling of advertisements.


Below are some of the ways ClassDojo has impacted education in the US

  1. Constant teacher to parent communication

The application looks like a dark lavender Facebook where teachers can post photos and videos of how the class was, and parents can view the contents at their own free time. A notification is sent to the parents who have the application on their phone to notify them of the added content. Parents can like and also comment on the content posted by teachers.


  1. Parent are involved in what is happening at school

Through the app, parents get to know what is happening to their kids at school. Teachers can post notifications on dates to occasions happening at school. The app has lessened the work done by secretaries at schools of sending messages to all parents to students at schools. Through the app, parents are involved in the day to day school activities as they are involved in the annual parents-teachers conference.



ClassDojo is a critical application that should be embraced with open arms by the world as a whole. Impacting a positive change to the education sector will ultimately impact a positive change to a country’s future economy.

Handy: The Rising Service

Rarely do acquaintances ask each other who is their cleaner. Surprisingly you would find that many are already getting it done effectively and at a low cost! If you really haven’t been using Handy then you have been working too hard. Handy is a revolutionary new on-demand service based out of New York that connects you with thousands of home cleaning professionals that are always ready to promptly provide the buyer with an excellent service. Handy opened its virtual doors in 2012 under the name Handy Book. Within two years of it’s inception it drove bookings to over 1 million dollars a week. Since then Handy has grown to over 25 cities in North America and even providing services in London, a respectful accomplishment. Aside from cleaning Handy offers plumbing services, movers, handyman work, and has since launched Handy Delivery, a furniture delivery service offering to deliver assemble furniture. Of course with a flexible schedule and great pay it’s also attracting hundreds of freelancers aspiring to work for Handy.

Handy destroys someones idea of convenience. With an app for smartphones Handy lets you purchase services, effectively tearing down the perceived notion that its difficult to purchase and trust a cleaner. Handy has background checked over ten thousand freelancers to provide the customer with security that them and their homes are in good hands. In addition to background checks Handy also will further screen potential cleaners with references and in-person interviews to solidify its commitment to providing security throughout the process. Further than this, Handy also offers a money back guarantee in the event the customer is not satisfied and will even cover the costs if something is damaged.

The success of Handy is apparent, and the expansion into Handy Delivery is overwhelming. The goal: to make customers happy. Handy reports that Handy Delivery helps pamper the customer into the Handy community, as a large majority of their profits come from repeat customers. It’s no surprise either that Handy Delivery has raised a large sum of investor funds quickly after its launch. Many people stubbornly argue that larger corporations will follow suit and attempt to enter the market and usurp Handy however it’s apparent that Handy has really solidified its place in the industry with its purchasing of a rival company and the complete eradication of its predecessor. Time will tell what happens with Handy, but only a fool would never bet against them.

A New Age for Securus

Everyone has a cell phone or some type of mobile device with wifi connection it seems like. My MP3 player, for example, has two cameras and internet access, but my cell phone doesn’t. It’s an old MP3 player, hardly compatible with the updates on the only app I use. However, if I ever upgrade, the next app I’m getting would strike some as strange.

Securus is a company that specializes in visitations for inmates. Why a company like this exists never hits you until you have a loved one or a friend in jail. Anyway, they help people visit their loved ones in jail. They do this by helping their customers set up either an in-person visit (IE a visit to the jail where their loved one is) or a video visitation.

In February 2016, Securus launched a new app. Within a week of the launch, Apple users have downloaded it over 5,000 times. Within a month of the Android launch, it was downloaded over 60,000 times. While Apple is usually preferred over Android, the Android success is amazing. If the Apple downloads keep up at this pace, they will soon overpower the number of downloads on the Android devices.

This app, however, has one very cool feature. The app will turn the mobile device into a kiosk for making video visitations. The user simply logs on and finds either a strong wifi or cell signal. Then, they can make a video inmate phone call. Download the Google Play app here >>

Another feature of the app is the ability to sync calendars. A user’s account online will have the dates of every appointment they have currently booked – whether it’s one or three. It can be difficult to add all of them to the calendar on a mobile calendar by hand. The app will simply add the appointment dates and times to the mobile calendar with the push of a button.

I know I will be enjoying these two features of the Securus app if I upgrade my MP3 player to a newer model. As video visitations become more and more common, it’ll be helpful to have this app on any device.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the Securus America website nor the Securus product meant for health improvement.

The New Tipping Feature of Handy is Great

Handy has announced that a tipping feature will be added to their application. Tipping has been conducted through the transfer of cash and change in the past, but many cleaners end up going home without a tip because it is difficult to align the schedule of a cleaner and a home owner to make it so they will be there at the same time. Many cleaners prefer that nobody is inside the home when they clean, so leaving tips has been hard. Handy has changed this, fortunately.

People who work for Handy already make around eighteen dollars an hour before Handy takes their twenty percent cut, but even that is a high amount to be paid to clean a house. The great part about this tipping feature is that Handy will not make any money of the tips, as they are transferred for free from customer to cleaner.

Instead of encouraging people to tip with cash all of the time, Handy decided to rid away with that portion of their business. Many people refuse to carry much cash, if any at all, because it is easily lost and stolen.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the two founders of this great app named Handy, originally met when they were boarded together at Harvard Business College. Like many other great minds had done — although dropping out of college is not recommended — Mr. Dua and Mr. Hanrahan felt as if leaving college to pursue this business opportunity would bear fruit, which has proved to be true.

Customers have been prompted that they do not have to leave a tip and that most cleaners do not expect tips. Everybody would like a tip for providing a better service, but unfortunately, this does not always happen. As the preliminary studies have shown, though, cleaners are expected to make a good chunk of money from this feature.

Those interested in using Handy to arrange someone to clean their home should rest assured that not just anybody can get listed on Handy. There is a grueling application process that accepts less than five percent of applicants.

All You Need To Know About Dating In Russia

Finding love is something that has been a norm for many years. Stories about relationships and how to get a matching partner have been spread everywhere. Different people hold different tastes and preferences, something that has made it more challenging. If you are the shy type of person, it can be difficult to express your feelings. However, this does not steal all the hope of ever getting into a relationship with the right partner. The online dating world has availed an easy platform that allows one to express feelings and views without any fear. There are also different features that make it easy to locate the right person for a relationship.

Most dating websites have been designed with a variety of features that help to make it easy for members to connect with each other. These are platforms that make it possible for one to link up with an individual with exact characteristics as are needed. Searching through is easy as the system allows for several criteria that can be used while sorting through to find members. If you want someone within a specified age bracket, you can easily search and the system will allow you to view all members who bear such characteristics.

With Anastasia Date’s instagram page, many have been able to get the right partners for a relationship. Anastasia Date is a well established dating platform that has been online for many years. This is a well structured website that has benefited hundreds who use the service to search for love. They have a beautiful interface which is designed to make the environment lovely. Using Anastasia Date is also easy as there are no complicated features that make it difficult for one to navigate through. It is arguably among the best platforms where people can log on to search for love.

Among things that have made Anastasia Date a reliable dating website is the presence of security features. Al information shared through the system is secured through encryption that protects users against hacking and theft of personal details. Anastasia Date has also made effort to educate members about sharing of information over the platform. It is advisable to refrain from offering personal details to strangers before you have known them to a deeper level. Even then, you need to treat with care as some masquerade as genuine people only to swindle unsuspecting members. So, it is also necessary o exercise caution to avoid bad experiences.

Skout announces new social network

Social networks have really taken off in the last decade, and today almost everybody utilizes at least one social network. These social networks vary in purpose from twitter, who allows people to share their thoughts about the world instantly, to Facebook, which allows people to share their whole lives. One of the most influential social networking companies on the market is Skout. Skout is a company that is absolutely committed to providing their users with a high quality social network that they can use while they travel, the company also helps users find their perfect match. Skout has grown considerably over the last decade, and recently they made a really big announcement.

Skout has been focused on helping people connect to one another since the company was founded several years ago. The company has worked tirelessly to add new and exciting features to their app. They envisioned a world in which people could connect with one another effortlessly. This has motivated Skout to release more and more new apps in order to influence the way people think about Social Media. One of the latest projects to come from Skout is called Fuse.

Fuse is meant to help people that are close by make connections to one another. Fuse operates on the same principles as Snapchat. Users are able to create a message, and then post that message with the intent for the message to last for a certain amount of time. Users are identified by their cell phone numbers as well as their initials.

Within the Fuse group their are several important ways for people to connect. One of the best ways to connect with other people is to join a Fuse group. Fuse groups can be formed around common beliefs or interests. Once you are in a group you cannot be voted out, but you can chose to leave. Messages sent within the group are exclusive to group members.

The leadership at Skout is extremely hopeful about Fuse. They envision this app as a much more social version of Snapchat, and as more and more people live out their lives on the go the fact that the app works extremely well on cell phones should be a huge selling point. Social media has become the best way to connect with people, and Skout believes that Fuse will help more people connect along their common interests.

Skout started as a way of helping travelers find something to do in the cities they were in, and over time it evolved into a way to find people to hang out with no matter where you are. The leadership at Skout has proven themselves to be extremely skilled time and time again, and there should be no doubt that Skout will do extremely well with their latest venture. Fuse is sure be an extremely influential app over the next decade, and those that want to be part of this revolution in social media should immediately sign up for this wonderful social networking opportunity.