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ClassDojo Successfully Raises More Funds

In its Series round of venture funding, ClassDojo raised $21 million. ClassDojo’s product is an app that helps create a parent, student, and parent connection that supports the students learning. Through the app, teachers and parents are able to easily communicate throughout the school year about the family’s student rather than just a few times a year at parent-teacher conferences. As an example, teachers are able to send parents text, photos, and video of their student’s projects and classroom activities.   More informative read here.

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The co-founders of ClassDojo are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. They have said that they plan to use the $21 million that was raised to add staff as well as expand the capabilities of the Classdojo app. Of particular focus to them is to add features that parents and students will find useful outside of the classroom that supports their learning. As a great tool to help build a classroom community, ClassDojo is now used in 85,000 across the U.S.  Visit their site

Chaudhary and Don founded ClassDojo in 2011 in San Francisco, California. In their first round of funding, they had raised $8 million. The app is available on iPhone and Android-based devices and is provided free of charge.

ClassDojo’s mission is to help teachers, students, and parents create incredible classrooms. Their mission statement says that it’s not about creating an “ideal” classroom as there is no model that works for every classroom. ClassDojo is meant to transform the educational experience of students so that they learn more and have better support.


What Is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo just recently raised more than $21 million in funding to help further their development with the app. While the app is already running and currently working throughout thousands upon thousands of schools in the nation, you will find that they really want to grow their brand and also work towards finding new people to join in to improve the app. ClassDojo is an upbeat and amazing app that is going to grow their team for the long run to help add more features and further develop the app.  Check this on


$21 million in funding is going to help find new team members, designers, and also pay their current 25 employee startup that at the moment hasn’t earned any specific revenue because of the fact it’s such a new app. The app is still going through several developments in growth, but the app really is needed to help make change in schools already.   Head over to


ClassDojo App is a revolutionary little idea that is going to change how schools work. It basically gives teachers the chance to send videos and messages to parents back home on a daily basis. It’s easy to use and simple enough that parents can utilize it daily to keep up with their children’s needs and growth in school. ClassDojo is the best app of its kind on the market right now despite the fact there are others beginning to emerge onto the scene. The app is growing and gaining more popularity, and it definitely has huge amounts of potential to grow more.


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