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A World Of Opportunities For Antique Collectors

It can start simply, with a gift received on an early birthday. Or it can be an interested sparked later in life. However it happens, antique collecting is a favorite pastime of many people around the world. Collections become a matter of pride, and some feel it is only appropriate on unveil their masterpiece after it has attained a respectable grand size.

Such is the case for Peter Jack, member of the The Auckland Historical Bottle and Collectibles club. Having joined the club seven years ago, Jack has grown his collection to 12 cabinets and 600 other pieces, and is preparing to show 20 of his newest and nicest at the 41st National Antique Bottle and Collectibles Show. The show, that only arrives in Auckland every 5 years, has 71 categories of competition. Jack’s collection is based on form and visual aesthetic, and is likely to show pieces from his Fun Ho! and Crown Lynn collections.

Like Jack, Michael Zomber has been collecting antiques and selling them on amazon for many years. His pursuit began over 40 years ago and his expertise in the field is undeniable. Born in Washington, D.C., Zomber received his Undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Psychology before going on to earn a master’s degree in Enlgih Literature from UCLA. Nowadays, Zomber and his family reside close to Philadelphia.

Through the years Zomber has become an acclaimed historian and expert on antique collectibles. Specializing in weapons and armor, Zomber has worked as a guest historian on the History Channel’s series, Tales of the Gun. Additionally, Zomber is an avid writer and has created numerous screenplays, historical and non-fiction works. His company, Renascent Films, LLC., also produced his documentary, Soul of the Sammurai.

Collecting antiques may begin as just a hobby, but growing a collection can lead to fantastic opportunities in many different areas. From trade shows, to artistic endeavors, written works and acclaim as a historical expert, the world of antiquing is vast and its potential unlimited.