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Nestle Purina Pours Out its Passion for Your Pets

Nestle Purina Petcare is not a new company, but a redesigned company since Purina joined Nestles in 2003. One of the largest food companies and the largest pet food companies in the world have joined together to form the new Purina pet food company.

Your Pet* – Our Passion is the slogan that represents the dedication Nestle Purina has for pets worldwide. Besides the nutritious and delicious food that are manufactured by Purina, the company is also getting involved in communities everywhere because America’s dogs and cats are family.

Annual Dog Challenge

One of the favorite events that Purina Pro Plan has been hosting for several years now is the Purina Dog Challenge. This year it was held in Boston, and all had fun at the all day event. The name really should be the Dog Olympics because the canines are challenged by the different events that fill the park. The pets and their owners spend the day “bonding”, competing in the events and sharing snacks and treats from Purina. Last year the event was held in St, Louis and next year a new city will be announced.

Pet Day and Sponsoring Shelters by Purina

The pets of the employees at Purina are lucky dogs and cats. Their owners bring home the same food they make all day, so they get to determine if they like Purina before any other pets in the neighborhood. If they don’t like it, they tell their owners and the next day the complaint goes back to the plant for consideration. On top of that, Purina employees can bring their dogs to work because Purina believes it makes the employees happier, and it does. It not surprising that Purina was voted the Best Place to Work in 2015.

The leaders at Purina like the idea of bringing your pets to work so much that they have started a Pets at Work movement. Your company can contact Nestles Purina for tips and ways to make your work environment pet-friendly.

Purina also sponsors shelters across the country and holds nationwide pet food collections that feed the orphan pets. Pet lovers can contribute or donate for food to be given where it is needed most, and the whole community gets involved.

Pet Food for Your Pet

On top of all the passion Purina is pouring into the community, they are also producing the most delicious and nutritious pet food they have ever created. Dog foods like Purina Pro Plan and Beneful are great foods packed with nutrients for your loyal BFF. Cat food is also produced for felines around the world to live happier and healthier lives. Purina knows that you love your pet, and they are dedicated to producing the best “chow” that is possible for their four-legged friends.

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