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Beneful Dog Food Formulated To Keep Dogs Healthy

Beneful dog food, created by Nestle PurinaStore PetCare is one of the most successful brands in the world. Launched in 2001, Beneful was marketed as a healthy dog food that doesn’t scrimp on flavor. The brand has wet and dry dog food, as well as treats. The foods have no added sugars or preservatives.


Beneful Originals dog food is made with real chicken, beef and salmon. It is mixed with wholesome grains and vegetables to get a perfect blend that dogs love. It is formulated for adult dogs that are in good shape and have no digestive problems.


The Beneful chopped blends line is a wet food made of good grains, along with chicken, beef, salmon or turkey. It is also blended with wild rice and cut in bite-size nuggets. It is made for adult dogs and puppies. If you want your dog to eat like a real human, check out the gourmet blends. Tuscan, Romana and Mediterranean-style medleys will have your pooch licking his chops. All three have added spinach. Depending on the flavor, brown rice, carrots and pasta.


The dog treats [] are healthy and formulated to keep your dog’s dental health up to par. The Dental Ridges support healthy bones, fresh breath and reduces tartar build-up. Dental twists provide the same great dental health but the have added parsley. Some of the flavors include peanut butter, savory beef and chicken.

Beneful is manufactured with the highest standards. Every part of the process from start to finish, is inspected and scrutinized by professionals. It is available on supermarkets like Wal-Mart.


My Dog Will Never Go Back After Trying Beneful!

I’ve been searching for quite some time now for a new, healthy dog food alternative since balancing my budget left me spending far too much money per month on feeding my dog; however, I love my dog as if he were my own child, so I couldn’t justify buying him some no name bargain brand dog food comprised mostly of filler, synthetic and overall unhealthy ingredients such as ash. I needed a new option and searching around online on quickly led me to my new permanent dog food.

I bought the first bag of Beneful “Originals: Real Beef” because I was utterly and completed astounded by the low price point. After I bought it, my dog fell just as much in love with the food as I had with the price. The “real beef” product is always made with real, authentic, natural beef, real peas, real spinach, and real carrots. I was amazed by the packaging, the overall presentation, then by the smell of the food. It smelled exactly like what the food is made with, then again I was amazed because of how little I paid for it.
Due to the low price of Beneful products on Wal-Mart groceries, I decided to pick up a few different bags of their food and treats. I ended up opting mostly for dry food because of my dog’s personal preference. I got a second bag of the “Originals: Real Beef”, a bag of the “Originals: Real Chicken”, and a bag of the “Originals: Real Salmon”. The entire essence of the Beneful brand is to impress through quality rather than through the alteration of values and advertising “half truths”. I was beyond impressed with all of the dry foods and my dog has grown to anticipate his meals since I made the switch to Beneful, in fact, he refuses to eat any other brand at this point; however, I have no complaints because Beneful is a great deal.
Beneful produces wet foods ( in two product lines: “Incredibites” and “Chopped Blends”. Each is made with a choice of meat from: beef, chicken, salmon and turkey. But the amazement sinks in when the package shows that the food is made with fresh tomatoes, carrots, wild rice, peas, barley, spinach and a vast array of healthy ingredients. My one and only dog food and treat brand is Beneful now and the future.