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Jose Henrique Borghi Comes Up with a Campaign that Rouses Smiles

Mullen Lowe Brasil agency, where Jose Henrique Borghi is the CCO and co-CEO, has developed an offline communication for Fini, a subsidiary of Spanish Group Sanchez Cano. The offline communication is meant for Fini’s fresh brand positioning. The fresh signature for Fini, which was created by the advertisement agency and dubbed “Abriu, Sorriu” aims at spreading fun sensations to the consumers of its products. The great surprises will be spread whenever a consumer opens the bullet pack.

About Fini

Fini is among the biggest candy companies in the world. It produces chewing gum, jelly candies, marshmallows, licorice and other different sweets. It is present in over 80 countries and leads in this segment in Brazil. The company always bets on various strategies aimed at surprising its consumers. It has an artisanal origin and it is currently expanding on a constant level by national retail.

“Abriu, Sorriu”

“Abriu, Sorriu” positioning was started in April 2017. It was developed in a way that would allow it to communicate great surprises that anybody can get when opening a product routinely. In order to popularize its fresh motto, Fini went on to launch a communication campaign, which will involve offline and online actions. Mullen Lowe, formerly known as Borghi Lowe, was the Brazilian advertising agency in charge of the project.


According to the digital marketing controller of Fini, Luiz Henrique Ferreira, the fresh company intends to give its consumers some joyful and surprising moments whenever they are consuming any product from the brand. Fini is aiming at turning any bad moment into a good or better one. The company is aiming at making consumers smile everytime they open a boatman from its franchises, Fini package or Fini Store box. Fini partnered with Metro newspaper and managed to distribute about 60,000 special issue newspaper that contained only good news. Mullen Lowe Brasil will handle the offline promotion on behalf of Fini and has already developed the “Transformations” campaign.