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Sean Penn’s New Book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Makes Its Way To Stands

Switching creative fields is something that a lot of people do, but for someone who has become such a well-established name in the movie industry, switching over to being a writer and releasing a novel is not something that a lot of people do. For Sean Penn, this was the route that he had been yearning to go down and was something that he wanted to accomplish through the course of his career.

Releasing a debut book is all about making that big splash on the market. For someone who is so well known, the stakes are even higher than what one would expect. Sean Penn used to not only act but write and direct as well. Screenplays were something that Penn was fairly accustomed to, but writing an entire novel is not entirely the easiest task. In a recent interview with Vogue, Sean spoke about the reasoning behind his decision to write a novel. In the interview, he related how he wanted to take on a project that was purely his creation, and not something that was created out of a collaborative effort. With film and movies, there is always the contribution of many people which is needed to be able to make something a success. A novel was something that Penn could create out his own creative expertise and imagination, and was something that he could fuel his ideas into. It was the best creative release, which is why he decided to go in for a novel over other creative mediums.


The book, titled ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ is a brilliant satirical take on the current scenarios that we live in. Even before the book made its way to the shelves, Sean Penn was already facing fire for writing about various different controversial topics like Donald Trump and #MeToo movement. However, Penn has gone on to state that the book is purely based on fictitious works, and is something that he came up with to give readers a unique glimpse into the American culture that we live by.

The story follows a middle-aged man belonging to a middle-class family, who partakes in a number of odd jobs to be able to earn his daily bread. After living a rather mundane life, he is put into a position wherein he is offered a job with the United States Government, which of course comes at a price. The loose narrative and satirical tone of the book is something that has captivated readers and reviewers who consider the book to be remarkable for a debut in this genre.

In spite of the controversy that surrounds the book, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ is a must read, not just for those who are a fan of Sean Penn’s previous work, but also for anyone who wants to read a good piece of fiction that showcases a rather unusual take on the society that we currently live in.